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Fleet Wraps in Pittsburgh, PA

It’s very common to see a group of vans or trucks barreling down the highway, clearly headed in the same direction. In fact, it isn’t just limited to the highway — you’ll often see these trucks making their way through busy downtown streets as well as back roads. Sometimes, for instance, it’ll be a group of vans delivering flowers, catering services or other products. These large groups of vehicles are called fleets, and you’ll often be able to tell that they’re connected because of their outward appearance.

Similarly, it’s likely that a fleet of four or five trucks will display the same graphics or signage on the side or rear of their haul. At SpeedPro Pittsburgh North, we provide these vehicle fleet wraps to a number of companies and organizations looking to keep their fleet uniform and brand. Businesses and other delivery services looking for custom wraps for their fleet of vehicles in Pittsburgh and the surrounding counties of Allegheny and Butler are encouraged to reach out to our studio today to find out what designs are available.

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How Can You Effectively Use Custom Fleet Wraps?

It’s not uncommon for people to stare as a group of trucks or an array of vans swarm by them on the road. If you’re the owner of these vehicles, why not take advantage of that extra attention and attempt to monetize on it? Putting a branded image on a moving vehicle is like adding a mobile billboard to your promotional advertising — you’ll have a mass audience attuned to the message you’re projecting.

Providing brand recognition through your large fleet of vehicles will maximize your business’s success in expanding and reaching customers.

Designing Your Custom Fleet Wraps

SpeedPro Pittsburgh North has a team of professionals who are skilled and educated in the world of marketing and design. Our team will focus their attention on your needs, pinpointing the areas of your business that are most brand-worthy and creating custom designs to effectively portray you to a mass audience. With cast and calendar vinyls available, your fleet of vehicles can be covered in full or partial wraps.

Cast Vs. Calendar Vinyl

The difference between cast and calendar vinyls is in the details. Cast vinyl is a thin material that can stretch easily and adhere for a long period of time. Our fade-resistant inks will create a dynamic appearance on the full surface of your stretched vinyl. On the other hand, calendar vinyl is a bit of a thicker material. Because it doesn’t stretch itself as thin, it’s ideal for stretching around sharp corners and exposed bolts.

Full Vs. Partial Wraps

Although you may be focused on the differences between vinyls, the big decision you’ll have to make is what type of coverage you prefer. Full fleet wraps will ensure the entirety of your truck or van is covered and branded. The sides, back haul and hood of the truck will all be wrapped and showcasing your brand. A partial fleet wrap, on the other hand, will cover particular sections that you’ve identified, whether that’s the siding of your truck or the front hood and windows of your delivery van.

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No matter how permanent or temporary your branded message may be, our team members at SpeedPro Pittsburgh North are prepared to help you make the right decision for your brand and business. Contact us today, and we’ll set up a consultation with our design team to go over the specifics of your plan.

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