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AUGUST 7, 2020| SpeedPro Pittsburgh North

InfoLnkX is a touchless technology that delivers information directly to cell phones simply by holding the phone close to a near field communication (NFC) chip.  The chip effortlessly transmits PDFs, directs to a website or provides login credentials to name a few uses.  The process is completely touchless to most newer cell phones.


SpeedPro began exploring smart signage long before the Covid-19 pandemic for event, venues and trade show applications. The launch was expedited as the need  to help our clients and community businesses developed. Clients are always looking for new ways to reach customers and connect printed branding to dynamic online content.

SpeedPro is gaining momentum with this technology among restaurant clients, providing touchless, paperless menus and is partnering with museums, retail locations and other public attractions to relay information to customers and visitors. NFC tech is also of interest to brands promoting apps as it facilitates an easy transition from awareness to interaction. Businesses nationwide are exploring how NFC fits in their unique branding and marketing.


SpeedPro is installing InfoLnkX Near Field Communication (NFC) tags in large-format print applications including signs, wall murals, decals and more in order to direct a user to a website link or other digital content: video, audio, app downloads and more. This new spin on smart signage creates an easy user experience bridging the gap between in-person visual communication and an online experience, which provides additional information and flexibility. It expands marketing options to be able to reach an engaged audience through re-targeting long after an in-person interaction.


The list of NFC-enabled phones is growing, so don’t be surprised if your phone already can participate in this timely and helpful trend. Phones that don’t make the list linked above like the iPhone 6 or newer and Android 4.0 (Samsung S20) can read NFC tags through a bevy of free apps like our favorite NFC Tools

Newer models from the iPhone XS and forward are able to read the tags without a third-party app. With newer versions of smartphones coming out every six months, all phones being NFC-enabled is closer than we think.


SpeedPro also accommodates QR code printing and application as well. An NFC chip used with a printed QR code is often the best solution for all cell phone users.  We will work with you to provide touchless technology that speaks to your customers.

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