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Wall Coverings in Pittsburgh

Keeping the walls of your office space blank means forfeiting a tremendous marketing opportunity. Fortunately, SpeedPro Imaging Pittsburgh North will work closely with you to produce an array of custom wall coverings that bring your building to life!

Our staff serves Pittsburgh and the entirety of Allegheny and Butler counties. Because of our top-tier resources and expertise, you won’t leave our studio disappointed!

Wall-to-Wall Coverings

Due to the extensive catalog of products we offer, we can produce a huge range of interior wall coverings. Once we sit down together with you, we’ll discuss your requirements and size specifications so that we can find the perfect fit for you.

We’ll listen to your input and collaborate with you to come up with the ideal design solution that takes your walls from average to amazing.

Depending on the environment you wish to cultivate, we can craft a colorful, evocative mural that covers an entire wall. Promote the message or history of your company, or simply provide a stirring scene for patrons to immerse themselves in. Murals are versatile pieces of art that can be used at medical practices, universities, sports complexes, restaurants and countless other places. They can be crafted with quite a few different materials and applied with varying strengths of adhesives to match your preference.

We’ll even conduct a wall test to make sure your mural will last as long as you want it to. Decals and canvas art provide smaller, less permanent options that still leave a lasting impact. Whether you’re looking for something lighthearted and temporary, like cut-out graphics of athletes or superheroes, or something more serious and lengthy, like decals to represent logos and infographics, we should be able to fulfill your request without issue.

When you partner with us, you’ll get to choose from an assortment of materials from industry-leading providers and types include calendar, cast, comply, Controltac, metallic, reflective, fluorescent, iridescent, carbon fiber and diamond plate. Canvas art provides a change of pace from other commercial wall coverings. Materials include cotton, polyester and polyester/cotton blend. We offer a large range of sizes, and you can finish these products in satin or matte.

Regardless of your choice, our color-matching processes will ensure synchronicity with your other branding elements. Our inks include solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV.

Your Printing Partner in Pittsburgh

We strive to supply our partners with high-quality graphics through a process that’s collaborative, quick and stress-free. We don’t believe in saying “no” to any request, so your suggestions are welcomed with open arms!

Contact us today to schedule your consultation, or come visit us at our studio on Commerce Park Drive in Cranberry Township.

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