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Making sure an event runs smoothly is a very specific and detail-oriented planning experience. You have to think with the mind of a guest or attendee, seeing through their eyes what’s important beyond the main act or featured presentation. What will they look for, what will they remember, what will they tell stories about?

At SpeedPro of Portland, we’re familiar with this kind of thinking and planning. Our team has the skills and knowledge to create an exciting atmosphere at your event, energizing the crowd and intriguing people from all around. While we know some requirements that are important for events, we’ll need your help and input for brand- and business-specific details!

If your company or organization is located in or around the Portland area, reach out to our studio today! We’d love to collaborate to make sure this is the event of the year for your business!

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Stylish Event Graphic Designs

The consultation phase is an incredibly important aspect of our planning and designing. By sitting down with you face-to-face, we’ll better understand your business, the brand of your event and how we can visually display that for all to access. You may choose to feature specific products or services at your event, or perhaps you’d like to highlight the atmosphere and interpersonal connections you’re known for in your office building. Our team, specialized in design and marketing, will brainstorm with you to generate ideas and enhance your event.

By focusing on the branded customizations of your event graphic designs, we’ll help you launch a highly successful corporate event!

At SpeedPro of Portland, we offer a wide variety of corporate event graphics. Whether you pick a few or choose them all, we’ll gladly assist you in the creation of:

  • Backlit graphics
  • Banners
  • Directional signage
  • Floor decals
  • Retractable banners
  • Window graphics

One element you should never overlook for your corporate event is directional signage. It will encourage your guests to walk around and get to know your business with confidence. Clearly direct guests through hallways and rooms, guiding them toward the presentations they’re looking to attend and indicating which hallway leads to the bathrooms. Directional signage can also be presented outside to make sure guests arrive happy and without frustration from their parking experience.

Banners are a great tool for gathering attention as well as sharing information. Whether hanging high above or greeting guests at eye-level, they can be used inside and outside. Attract attention with brightly colored banners that promote your event up to weeks in advance around your community. Inside the event, share business information on banners that line hallways and corners of rooms. Create attention in a specific area by coordinating with creatively designed materials promoting your brand.

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Your corporate event isn’t just a business affair — it can also lead to an entertaining afternoon or night! Call our studio today to set up a consultation to brand your next unforgettable event!


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