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If you think signage is the least important part of your business’s interior design, you’ll want to think again. How many times do you pass a sign that’s crucial to your understanding and maneuvering in the world? As you travel to work, as you shop in the grocery store — even as you make your way around the block beside your work office, there are signs everywhere telling you where to go, warning you of where not to go and pointing out and labeling items. Signage and graphics go hand in hand.

Take a look around your office and building. Are guests informed as they approach your building from the outside? Do they know where they’re going once they walk inside? Do your employees know what to do and where to go for daily work operations? Commercial signage is likely what keeps your business running.

SpeedPro of Portland will work directly with you to create the promotional signage for your business, enhancing your indoor and outdoor appearance and functionality. If you need custom business signage in Portland, Beaverton or Gresham, contact our studio today for more information.

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What Commercial Signage Can You Add Outdoors?

For people to want to get involved with your business, you have to attract them from the outside. Making them aware of your location and services — while also featuring your brand — will create intrigue, especially when your signs are enhanced by the variety of UV-resistant inks we make available.

Popular commercial signage for outdoor usage includes:

  • A-frames
  • Banners
  • Fabric signs
  • Flags
  • Sidewalk signs

If your building has an outdoor patio or sidewalk area, keep the space welcoming and entertaining with a number of sidewalk signs. A-frames are very popular, standing like a tent with two sides facing opposite directions. Update these signs daily for limited-time offerings, or promote weekly and monthly features that guests will find inside.

What Types of Business Signage Designs Can You Add Inside?

While greeting customers outside with signage is an important first step, keeping them entertained and focused inside is indescribably crucial.

The possibilities for custom business signage indoors seem endless because there are so many ways to attract attention. From guiding customers around to establishing which rooms are which to focusing people on your branded message, SpeedPro of Portland provides visual designs that include:

  • Backlit graphics
  • Banners
  • Canvases
  • Directional signage
  • Floor decals
  • Foamcore signs
  • Retractable banner stands
  • Window graphics

Because SpeedPro becomes an extension of your personal marketing team, we’ll ensure all of your signage designs are customized to your liking. We’ll also help you color-match your new signage with what already exists in your office, making sure the branded look you’ve created outside flows seamlessly as the customer adventures indoors.

Vibrant Promotional Signage for Businesses Portland

Whether you need to rebrand your commercial signage in just one area or all over, SpeedPro has you covered. Call us today for a free quote for your custom designs, and we’ll invite you to a one-on-one consultation to further discuss your branding needs at length.

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