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AUGUST 30, 2019| SpeedPro Premier


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Hero Practice Services uses some brilliantly cheerful and colorful characters for their mascots. From a giant yellow dragon adorned with braces, to a tiny tooth fairy with a gem- and tooth-embellished crown, these charming characters helps kids enjoy their visits to Hero Practice Services dental and vision offices. What better way to bring these characters to life than with SpeedPro Premier’s high-quality, rich, and vibrant vinyl graphic prints? Our expert team took the time to make sure every piece was printed and cut correctly, and then flew off to install these dragons and heroes in their new office located in Loveland, CO.

Below you’ll see photos taken during the installation and finished products. More shots of this project can be seen on our social media channels, so be sure to follow us!

See? Your large-format printing projects aren’t just a fantasy! Send us an email, request a consultation or quote, call, or visit us. Or, if you have a project ready to print, upload your file and we’ll get your project started right away!

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