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AUGUST 26, 2019| SpeedPro Premier



Want to increase awareness of your brand or add a new visual element to your office? Maybe you have a special sale or event you need to promote? Decals get the job done. Decals are pieces of adhesive vinyl that stick to any surface. Okay, maybe you call them ‘stickers’? Either way, they’re versatile, low-cost, and they look great on just about anything.

Our stuff sticks anywhere!:

  • Store windows or doors: Showcase your business’ name and logo on your store or office building and promote brand awareness. Display a decal with your business hours on it to keep customers informed. Or grab attention for a sale with a temporary decal and drive traffic your way.
  • Walls and floors: Add decals of eye-catching pictures to make your interior design bang! Decals of your business logo promotes and reinforces your brand. Directional decals can also help people find areas in your store.
  • Vehicles: Add decals to your car or truck and let it serve as a rolling billboard for your business. Imagine people seeing your vehicle driving around with your business logo and services … making impressions and keeping your name top-of-mind.
  • Gifts, freebies, or promotional items: Small decals make fun giveaways for customers and potential customers while serving as valuable advertisements for your company. If someone puts one of your decals on their laptop, car, water bottle or other items, they’re recommending your company to everyone who sees it.

There are unlimited ways to use decals to promote your business. Think decals would be a good addition to your marketing materials? See which material would work best for your project here!

What other ideas do you have? Tell us on our social channels or give us a call.

Want to see more examples of our work? Check out our portfolio!

We can help you reach your goals with Great. Big. Graphics.

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