Why I Chose SpeedPro & How That Benefits You

MAY 13, 2019| SpeedPro Premier

As I prepare to open for business, I took some time to reflect on what drove me to SpeedPro for my latest adventure. Franchises have always intrigued me, but it wasn’t until last spring that I did more than ponder the potential. There are franchises for every type of business and every size budget. Odds are, most of the business you use are franchises.

So, with all those choices, why SpeedPro?

First, it fit well within my existing skill set. After too many decades to mention in creative and video production, creating great big graphics isn’t too far of a leap. I work with clients to uncover their needs, I work with designers to create gorgeous (on brand and on message) visuals, and I work with production people who put it all together effectively and efficiently. My television industry friends will recognize the concept is the same, it’s just the final deliverable that’s different. This experience gives me a leg up in the business in serving my customers’ needs.

Second, the potential market for our services and products is huge. SpeedPro has an enormous product line. We can create nearly any kind of sign. What we can’t create, we can source through our wholesale partners. Need a banner? No problem. Vehicle graphics? You bet. Windows graphics? Yep. Floor decals? Yes. Directional signage? We do that. When you couple this with the number of businesses who can benefit from our services (basically every business), the decision was obvious.

Finally, I’m not bound to selling in Colorado. With the SpeedPro Owners Network, comprised of owners from more than 130 locations across 30 states, my ‘sales territory’ is unlimited. I can take an order from nearly any state, ask a studio in the SpeedPro network to produce and install the order, or I can produce it, ship it, and ask a SpeedPro in that state to arrange the install. This enables uniform solutions to geographically dispersed businesses. My customers benefit with one point-of-contact and one invoice.

Another advantage of the SpeedPro Owners Network is the franchisor has created a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Right out of the gate I have access to hundreds of years of expertise despite being the new kid on the block. Whether it’s sports sponsorships, fleet wraps, or applying graphics to the side of a building, someone within our network is a phone call away to guide me to success. In fact, it’s because of the SpeedPro Owners Network that I’ve been able to take and fulfill orders already!

Between leveraging my past experience, the broad market potential, and the support I’m getting from the franchise network and franchisor, I’m confident I can help you increase revenue for your business. If you’d like to learn more or you’re ready to collaborate on your next project, please reach out and we’ll make some Great. Big. Graphics. Together.

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