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Digital Signage Design by SpeedPro

With SpeedPro, you can create a compelling and vivid digital message on almost any screen. Digital signage is the modern advertising medium your company can use to meet business needs, draw customers in with eye-catching advertisements, or upsell shoppers with new products and special offers. Digital signs can welcome customers to a reception area, and communicate promotions, or share important information to enhance customer experience. You can quickly change messages to reflect up-to-date information, current events, or daily specials. However, you choose to use digital signage design; you can attract new customers, promote your brand, and boost your sales. Attract Customers to Your Business.

Draw Customers to Your Business With Digital Signage

Effective signs can be important in attracting new customers. Most people who have entered a new store is because of the signage. With sleek graphics and bright colors, digital signage content is a powerful design tool for grabbing people’s attention and drawing them into your store or business. At trade shows, digital signage content can set your company apart from the rest. As patrons roam through rows of vendors, bright and changing digital signs attract customers to your stall. When you engage with more visitors, your business can win new customers and earn more sales. 

Digital signs use bright and beautiful images that stand out from traditional posters and signs. When used in window displays, rotating digital signs can catch the eye of customers on the street with their movement and color. By presenting multiple messages, rotating digital signs engage a wide variety of customers and encourage them to explore what your business offers.

Digital window signs can be updated daily to feature the latest fashion or a delicious new dessert on the menu. Highlight a new beer on tap, upcoming event or seasonal promotion to keep customers informed about your latest offerings. Rotating digital signs let you feature multiple products or services to appeal to your diverse customer base.

At trade shows, digital signage can set your company apart from the rest. As patrons roam through rows of vendors, bright and changing digital signs attract customers to your stall. When you get to engage with more visitors, your business can win new customers and earn more sales.

Here are just a few reasons why digital signage display can effectively draw customers to your business: 

  • Beautiful and bold designs:Digital signs feature bright and aesthetically pleasing designs that appeal to your target customers. 
  • Eye-catching movement: Instead of presenting a single image, rotating digital signs show multiple messages and catch the attention of potential customers. 
  • Updated information and deals: Present up-to-date specials and current offers to attract customers with the newest deals and timely information. 
  • Targeted messages: Use a digital signage display to present messages to your specific audience. You can target each group through rotating digital signs if your business serves multiple demographics or audiences. 

Digital Signage vs Traditional Signage

Digital Vs. Traditional Signage

Modern and effective, digital signage is the future of advertising. The digital signage industry is anticipated to continue to grow as more brick-and-mortar businesses tap into the benefits of digital signage. By 2025, the digital signage industry is projected to reach $31.7 billion.

Businesses are choosing digital signs over traditional signage because digital provides endless design possibilities and can be updated frequently. You can improve your sales with digital signage that is engaging and informative while reducing printing costs, reprinting, and promotional posters. Here are a few benefits of choosing digital signage for your business: 

    • Unlimited content: With printed signage, you have limited space, but with rotating digital signage, you have nearly endless advertising space. The opportunity to display multiple messages means your business can create a more profound brand impression and tell your company’s story.  
    • Lower advertising cost:Digital signage can significantly cut advertising expenses by reducing the need to print and ship new signs and posters often. You can quickly upload a new image when you want to update your digital signs. This also reduces the time your employees spend hanging advertisements. After the initial investment in screens to display your digital signs, your long-term advertising costs can be reduced. 
    • Increased advertising revenue: At venues, events, stadiums, and conference centers, your rotating digital signage can offer more opportunities to sell advertising space. Digital signs can promote ads for your sponsors or be purchased by local businesses to boost your advertising revenue. 
    • Reduced cost of mistakes: Mistakes on printed media can be costly, especially if you have already ordered hundreds of copies. Reordering, reprinting, and re-shipping these materials can waste your company’s time and money. If want to update something on a digital sign, the change can be easily made and implemented quickly. 
    • Fast content creation and implementation: Creating digital signage is often quicker than ordering printed advertising. Businesses with multiple locations, this shorter processing time means you can update media quickly instead of shipping new materials to each site every time you have a new promotion or sale. 

Digital signage offers an eye-catching and affordable advertising alternative, but can also be used alongside traditional printed advertising materials. Smart business owners can use digital signs to support and enhance their current printed media by reinforcing and expanding upon messages on posters and signs. Reveal additional features or details through digital signs to really drive home your company’s message.

Your business may use digital signs to promote new products or announce daily specials while using printed posters to highlight signature menu items that are always available or brand values that never change. By engaging customers through various media types, you can boost brand awareness and earn more sales. 

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Digital Signage

Once your eye-catching digital window signs have drawn customers to your business, you can help seal the deal on a sale. By strategically using digital signs , you can create an enjoyable shopping experience, guide customers, or teach them about your products and services. Here are a few ways that digital signage can improve customer experience and boost revenue for your business: 

    • Target your customer base: Use attractive images and targeted messaging to connect with your customers. If your business has different customers at different times of the day, change your digital signs to target the right customers.  
    • Educate about product features: A digital display can provide expert advice about how to use a product or what a service includes. Present side-by-side product comparisons with detailed graphics or show product specs in an eye-catching image. An informative digital display can also answer common customer questions to free up your sales team to make bigger sales. 
    • Show products in action: Creative digital signage can help customers imagine how your product works.  
    • Promote deals and discounts:Digital signs are an attractive way to inform customers about deals or discounts while browsing your products. Presenting special offers while customers are exploring your products makes them more likely to make a purchase. 
    • Upsell and cross-sell products: Use digital signs to highlight products that pair well together. Digital signs featuring a higher-end model of a specific product can also encourage customers to choose the top brand over a less expensive alternative.  
    • Reduce perceived wait time: If your business is always busy, customers may get tired of waiting in line. By placing rotating digital signage near check-outs or order counters, customers have something interesting to look at while they wait. Digital signage outside of sporting events or venues can also boost sales by getting customers excited about buying merchandise when they get inside. 
    • Provide physical directions: Inside a mall or large office complex, digital signs can help customers find what they are looking for quickly. Wayfinding signs and directories can make customers’ experiences smoother and more enjoyable. 

Keep Employees Informed

Digital signage can also be used to keep your employees informed about company updates or new policies. When used in break rooms or offices, electronic signage can feature announcements, updates, notifications, events, and deadline reminders. This eliminates the need to hold a meeting for every minor update or change and ensures that information is presented consistently across departments.  

Customize Digital Signs

Easy to change and update, electronic signage can be customized to fit your company’s brand, and advertising needs perfectly. Choose bright colors, images, and language that reflect your company’s values and what you stand for. Convey a message that connects with your audience and highlights what makes your company unique to improve sales. 

At SpeedPro, we offer fully customizable digital signage, whether you are designing a menu, beer list, directory, product advertisement, promotional image, or any other digital message. We can create branded trade show digital signage, bold lettering and graphics for casinos and bars, ads for the halftime show, or event announcements to excite customers for the next concert or sporting event.  

Where to use Digital Signs

The Best Places to Use Digital Signage

Customized digital signage can be a powerful design tool for building brand awareness and boosting revenue, but how effective your digital display depends on where you put it. To enjoy the benefits of digital signage, choose a location where customers can best engage with your message to learn more about your business or promotions. 

When determining where to incorporate digital signage in your business, let the content drive the placement — first, select the message you want to convey and then decide where you can best present this message to your audience. Here are a few of the best places to use digital signage in your business: 

    • In window displays: Window displays attract customers with seasonal promotions, new products, or daily specials. Beautiful images of signature menu items can draw customers into your restaurant. 
    • Near ordering counters: Descriptive digital signs near check-outs or ordering counters can help customers choose what to purchase or upsell them on an additional item or service.  
    • On pillars or columns:Digital signs can be used to maximize unused space, like pillars and columns. As customers explore your products, digital signs on columns can direct them through the store or educate them about promotions. 
    • Near featured products: Highlight unique product features or specs as customers shop for those products. Enhancing your customers’ knowledge of your products can help them make informed purchases, which leads to greater satisfaction.  
    • In entryways or lobbies:Digital signage in lobbies can help customers find what they are looking for more quickly and enjoy a more effortless shopping experience.  

More Tips for the Best Placement of Digital Signs

When placing digital signs around your business, ensure they are easy to read and in plain sight. Hidden or difficult to read signs cannot connect with customers. Consider these tips for the most effective placement of digital signs: 

    • Place signs at eye level:Customers may not notice signs that are too high, while signs that are too low may be difficult for customers to read clearly. 
    • Choose areas with high traffic: Find a busy location in your business where many customers will see your digital signs daily, such as in the lobby or near check-out lines. 
    • Check for a clear line of sight: Check that your digital signs are not hidden or obstructed by pillars, merchandise, or other signage in your store. 

To find the perfect placement for digital signs in your store, watch how your customers typically navigate through your store and where they spend the most time. By observing the natural flow of customers through your business, you can choose spots where customers are most likely to view and engage with your messaging. 

Working with SpeedPro for Custom Digital Signage  

Your imagination only limits the possibilities for putting digital signage to work for your business. With endless design potential and the opportunity for unlimited content and frequent updates, digital signage can take your company’s advertising to the next level. You can build your brand, improve customer loyalty, and increase revenue through smart use of digital signage. 

At SpeedPro, we work with your business to make your digital dreams a reality. Our team takes the time to get to know you, your goals, and your vision for the project. After a consultation, our team creates your custom digital signage featuring branded colors, targeted messaging, and eye-catching images. Let us show you how we can take your business advertising to the next level with customized digital signage. Find a SpeedPro studio near you to get started. 

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