Fabric Point of service displays have a premium look and feel that makes them a perfect choice for advertising higher-end products in elegant stores. Fabric printed standing and hanging banners and for large panel displays are a perfect choice to brand such venues.

When it comes to trade shows fabric is truly king as the lightweight and collapsible functionality of fabric signs, backwalls, trade counters, tents, kiosks and exhibits make transport and set-up a breeze. Newer applications such as pop-up displays and table covers combine the ancient technology of fabric with new building materials to synergize eye-catching displays for trade shows and for use in stores. Fabric is the clear choice when looking for materials that have a high-quality appearance and are long-lasting.

Another benefit of printed fabric displays is that they can be back-lit to stand out even more. Printed fabric graphics with vibrant colors are already bright, adding lighting will make your colors and images stand out even more. Consider incorporating back-lighting with LEDs and give your booth an extra draw.

Consider also, inline displays that stand-alone displays typically with a custom printed fabric surface showcasing your graphics, and a simple structure that enables the display to stand up on its own. These types of displays are called inline because of their flat profile. Types of available inline displays include:

  • Hopup
  • Embrace
  • Xclaim
  • Coyote collapsibles
  • Formulate Fabric Displays

Formulate Fusion Fabric Displays include island exhibits that feature dye-sublimated fabric graphics which slip over tube frames and zip up just like a pillowcase. Some models include architectural shapes and sharper lines while others feature organic shapes and curved lines . Whatever overall look you’re going for, you’ll find a Formulate Fusion kit to match.

Face Tape trade show display
Food Frome Chile hanging banner

Depending on what kind of trade show you’re going to we think you might enjoy a mini-portable Pop-up Bar featuring fabric that stretches between the legs of the mini bar, to create an enclosed storage area under the counter-top. To brand it as part of your booth or exhibit simply attach graphics panels to the fabric sides and front and we put the whole thing on wheels for easy transport.

Other featured fabric products include fabric posters. Push-fit graphics held in place by a metal frame simply insert the poster into the frame and you can change the graphics on demand. Table covers and counter covers and fabric table toppers to sit up and display on top. The walls of booths are often made of fabric and we also feature collapsible fabric displays and folding panel fabric displays.

SpeedPro also creates matching booth kits — modular display kiosks and counters that you can place inside your both or tent to interact with visitors. Our studios produce four types of outdoor-tent-friendly booth models: Linear pro, Vector frame, Hybrid and Island modules.

No matter what kind of fabric you are working with or how you want to use it the professionals at SpeedPro are waiting to work with you to print exactly on demand the signage, both gear, banners/flags and any imaginable item in between featuring high quality printed fabric. Come to any of our national locations today to see and touch samples of everything mentioned above and much much more!