Create Touchless Menus With InfoLnkX

We’re helping restaurants transition into the digital era with InfoLnkX — a touchless menu system that eliminates the need for hands-on contact. We position InfoLnkX within your company’s signage. All your customers need to do is hold their phone up to the decal to instantly access your menu.

Prepare for the New Normal

Today’s customers are looking for innovative experiences at restaurants and other businesses. Help them make the most of the technology they already have with InfoLnkX.

Touch-Free Technology

Keep customers safe with menus they don’t have to touch. InfoLnkX reduces the spread of infections by eliminating the need for high-interaction touchpoints.

Dynamic, Smart Signage

InfoLnkX allows you to take your menu beyond what you can print on a display. Include video, audio and other interactive elements that customers can access directly on their mobile devices.

Create Safe, Unique Customer Experiences

With our touchless signage, you can bring your menu to life. Show your customers that you value their safety just as much as the opportunity to bring them an unforgettable dining experience.

The Future Is at Your Fingertips

The future of touchless menu signage is here today. Experience the difference with SpeedPro.