Trade Show Fabric Structure Rentals

Improve Your Trade Show Displays with Fabric Structure Rentals

Improve Your Trade Show Displays With Fabric Structure Rentals

Trade shows are the perfect environment for businesses to generate new leads, spread brand awareness and show off their prowess among industry contemporaries. But in a room filled with companies all putting their best foot forward, how can your team get ahead and get noticed?

It boils down to display design. If your booth can turn heads and impress at first sight, you can draw new interest. You have to attract an audience before you can deliver a pitch.

You can use several elements to create a visually stunning and informative display. Fabric structures are among the most impressive. With a few frames and your own printed fabric graphics, your booth will be the bell of the ball.

What Are Fabric Display Structures?

What Are Fabric Display Structures

If you want to attract attention at your next trade show, fabric display structures can give your booth the design elevation it needs. These structures consist of aluminum tube frames, so they stay lightweight and sturdy. They come in many different shapes, heights, widths and styles to ensure you have the right design element for your setup. Once you decide on a structure, you can customize the display to fit your booth’s color scheme and ambiance cohesively.

With stretch, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics, you have unlimited options to work with. Create a design, have it printed on your tension fabric and bring it to life with the structure you’ve chosen. If you want to make it even more lively, you can include various lighting setups to make your message pop.

Fabric structures are perfectly suited for trade show environments because they’re innovative and made to impress. With these displays, you can construct architectural structures and smooth curved walls in a configuration potential clients will notice from across the room.

You have a lot of flexibility to work with, ensuring you can have the right setup for your exhibit and create a uniquely branded space. These graphics can give your display a cohesive look while accurately conveying your company’s message and portraying its products and services. You can include text, images, logos, bright colors and whatever else you want to advertise.

If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, fabric structures are the way to go. You can either purchase or rent them, but renting is the ideal option for many businesses, small or industrial.

The Benefits of Renting

Why buy a fabric structure when you can rent? With so many benefits to enjoy, it’s hard to deny that renting is the perfect option for any trade show novice or frequenter. Some of these benefits include:

  • Easy setup: When you purchase fabric structures, you’ll have to set them up and take them down in your own time, which can take time and human resources you might not have. Alternatively, when you rent structures, they come pre-built and ready to go with the addition of your fabric graphics.
  • Lower expenses: The overall expense for renting fabric structures is far less costly than purchasing them. You’ll pay for your own printed fabric and then rent the structure whenever you need it. By renting, you can tailor your costs without making a potentially expensive mistake. Also, you’ll never have to replace old or unusable equipment, saving you money in the long run.
  • No storage costs or wear: When you purchase equipment, you have to consider storage. You may have to pay to store your structures, and if you only use them a few times per year, how much are they really worth? The initial cost plus any fees might make your purchase less valuable in the long run. With rental structures, you won’t have to find a place to keep them or pay fees. Also, storage and travel can cause wear. By renting your pieces, you’ll make sure you always have an exhibit that’s in great condition.
  • Fast access: Surprise opportunities can pop up at any time. If you’re not ready to take them on, you won’t be able to benefit from the experiences. With rental displays always available, you can take on those offers without worrying about buying equipment or lugging it around. Even with tight time constraints, you’ll always be ready to impress at a moment’s notice.
  • Various design layouts: Buying a display means committing to a specific booth style long-term. As your business makes changes, your exhibit designs should reflect those shifts. If you stick with the same structures and layout for every trade show, your business may become less noticeable or seem outdated. Renting structures helps keep your look fresh and exciting. You can switch up your booth design any time you like with no hassle and no need to pay for structures you may not use more than once.
  • Scalability: Trade shows are all different sizes in different locations, so the amount of space your exhibit has will inevitably change. If you own structures that are too large or too small for an environment, you’ll have to either make the most of what you have or rent new pieces anyway. Renting allows you to customize your layout to the space provided. Additionally, you can easily exhibit at as many or as few trade shows as you need, simultaneously. You can schedule multiple shows in one weekend without worrying about where your best design pieces go — or if you can display at more than one show at a time in the first place.
  • Trial runs: There’s nothing worse than having a great design idea, purchasing the equipment you need and then realizing it doesn’t work out practically. By renting the structures you want, you can test out your idea to see whether or not it suits your exhibit well. From there, you can try new designs, stick with the same pieces for a while or even decide to purchase an element. Also, by being able to switch up your booth style, you can compare setups to see what layout catches more attention.

With so many positives to consider, it’s easy to see how renting your fabric structures can benefit your company. No matter what industry you’re in, the size of your business or the trade show you’re attending, rentals can help you save money and stand out.

How Fabric Structures Can Help Your Business

Not only are fabric structures easy to rent, but they also help businesses like yours succeed in trade show environments. In an area where so many other companies are vying for attention and leads, it can be difficult to compete effectively. You need to stand out from the other advertisers and be able to keep your audience. Fabric structures can help your business succeed during and after the trade shows in several ways.

How Fabric Structures Can Help Your Business

1. Make the Best First Impression

Any display exhibitor aims to draw an audience. Creating an attention-grabbing design is essential to success. You can use many design elements with fabric structures to pique interest, including:

  • Color: Vibrant colors that match the theme of your business will turn heads and make people curious. Greens and blues are perfect for environmentally friendly brands, while bright reds and oranges might work well for a company that values action and excitement.
  • Images: No matter what your product or service, images will convey a message at a glance. Imagine life-size prints of characters or scenes for a video game company, or action shots of athletes for a sports gear brand.
  • Shape: Flat or square wall designs can be easy to overlook. With dimensional fabric structures, you can choose odd shapes that catch the eye and stand out among more plain layouts.
  • Height: If your exhibit towers over others, it’ll be hard not to notice. Structures will provide height without needing to stack pieces on tables or hang anything.
  • Lighting: Fabric is already perfect for bright colors and quality images, but a little added lighting will make it pop.

Fabric structures are great for attracting attention, and they’ll also help you keep it. It’s important to hold onto your audience and make them want to stay and learn about your brand. You can design and print fabrics to include logos, statistics, mission statements, reviews and any other piece of information you see fit.

Smaller businesses will benefit from appearing larger or more professional. Industrial companies will be able to stand apart from their contemporaries. Regardless of your message, fabric structures will help you make a stellar first impression.

2. Step up Your Marketing

Exhibiting at trade shows is an excellent way to broaden and improve your marketing game. With the right layout and design, you can make sure people will be coming up to your display to hear more about your brand.

Fabric structures can help you create a cohesive message. By using a relevant color scheme, witty slogans or information and graphics, you can build an entire environment based on what your company does. Enhance what you have with a clever layout, and your booth will be exciting and memorable.

Once you have a cohesive exhibit planned, you can add in marketing tactics. For example, connect your setup with social media. Create a hashtag or a photo opportunity to encourage posting and boost your presence. Even a visually appealing background or a well-placed pillar can give people a reason to post.

Having an attractive display will help you reach your business goals and objectives faster. In other words, renting fabric structures is the perfect way to start increasing engagement and acquiring new leads.

3. Increase Your Brand Awareness

Even if your displays don’t draw everyone in closer, they’ll still help spread awareness about your brand. Relevant visuals will cement an association of your logo or company name with an idea, making it easy to recall later. If your brand is all about travel destinations, using images of beautiful landscapes, cruise ships or airplanes will make an immediate connection between your name and your industry. Design an atmosphere that embodies your brand.

To create a more extensive network of people who know your business, you need to be present and be visible. Fabric structures will help get your name out there before you even talk to potential clients.

4. Opt for Cost-Effectiveness

One of the simplest ways renting fabric structures can help you succeed is by not draining your funds. Not only do rentals cost less than purchasing equipment, but they can benefit you in the long run. You can create different exhibit layouts based on the size and location of trade shows without buying all new structures.

Printed fabric is affordable, lightweight and durable, meaning you’ll get a lot of use out of it without breaking the bank. It’s also easily cleanable, so you can reuse your pieces many times without worrying about dirt. The colors and images will stay vibrant as long as you care for them properly.

Fabric structures are an excellent option for any trade show exhibitor. With their dynamic and versatile designs, they can help any company have a successful trade show experience and continue benefitting well after.

Choosing the Right Structure

Choosing the Right Structure: Funnel, Four-Sided Tower, Cylinder Tower or Chip-Shaped Wall

Once you’ve decided to rent a fabric structure, you need to make a design game plan. There are several shapes and sizes to choose from, and you can incorporate one or multiple into an existing layout or create an entirely new strategy.

Some of these captivating designs include:

  • Funnel: For a unique shape that catches the eye, the funnel is sure to stand out. The shape is well suited for large images and logos, and its height will make anything you print on the fabric visible from long distances.
  • Four-sided tower: Great for textual information and graphics, the four-sided tower shape is a rectangular pillar, allowing you to work with four flat sides. It’s versatile and familiar without being boring.
  • Cylinder tower: If you’re looking for height and a smooth display, cylinder towers are a versatile and slick choice. You can use one or several to create a unique layout and design them with both images and text.
  • Chip-shaped wall: These walls are perfect for creating a designated sectioned off area within your layout. You can use one for speaking with interested individuals, providing a place to lounge or as a small demo booth. The smooth curved shape is visually attractive and serves as a perfect space for large images and graphics.

Try to mesh the structures you use with your company’s overall style and branding for a cohesive design. If you have the opportunity to use a shape with a particular image or graphic cleverly, it makes for a more memorable piece. For example, if your company uses tornado or weather imagery, the funnel may be an amusing shape to incorporate.

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Our Formulate® tension fabric architectural structures are unique and awe-inspiring. Whether you want to incorporate them into your old design or create an entirely new look, these rental structures are perfect for any business looking for an edge.

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