20′ Inline Displays

20' Inline Trade Show Displays

Customizable, ultra-creative and curated for your brand, inline displays ensure you stand out wherever you’re set up.

SpeedPro’s 20′ inline displays provide a Goldilocks backwall exhibit solution for your organization. Its size and specs make it a highly portable yet still large-format display type easy to transport and even easier to assemble. Plus, you partner with a G7 Master-qualified large-format printer with premium printing technology, equipment, materials and more, sprinkled across a nationwide network for a true local printing partner.

Explore SpeedPro studios’ extensive catalog of custom 20′ inline displays, each ready to boost the professionality and personality of your business.

The Importance of Large-Format Inline Displays

Few graphics make your business’ event booths stand out like backwall inline displays. Discover what benefits SpeedPro’s line of 20′ inline displays bring to your organization across industry and public-facing events.

1. Creates an Adaptable, Go-To Business Display

We call them our Goldilocks exhibits for a reason — not so small they’re overlooked, and not so large they’re unapproachable to guests and cumbersome to transport and set up. Speedpro’s 20′ inline displays are versatile, engaging exhibits that create a compelling brand “home base” when you make appearances at private and public events.

What’s more, that home base is built to display your brand in exactly the colors, shapes, dimensions and details you want. Select the exact visual graphics and features that best represent your brand’s aesthetic, then leave the rest to your full-service printing partner to execute.

2. Ups Your Professionalism

Present cohesive, high-impact branding across business functions. From conventions and trade shows to community gatherings where you “set up shop,” 20′ inline displays elevate your business’ professional appearance. Display kits are fabricated only from premium materials, substrates and inks, imbuing a sense of quality everyone will connect with the nature of your business.

You’ll be taken more seriously by both passive and active booth visitors, those established in your field as well as those freshly introduced to your products and services. Plus, you can rest assured no irregular logos, graphics or brand messages or even color schemes slip past your attention since the 20′ inline displays are durable, reusable and in some cases even reconfigurable.

3. Complements Current and Future Branding Efforts

Trade show and convention booth displays aren’t simply aesthetic — they’re functional, too, operating as a marketing microphone to broadcast what your business is all about.

Employ custom-made inline display graphics to convey and enhance the branding you want your business to be known for. Subtle and sophisticated? Bold and inventive? Sleek and contemporary? Whatever your brand personality, use your event graphics to represent the essence of your business in an unmistakable, unforgettable way. Qualified leads to current customers will respond appropriately, with your display graphics directly influencing positive brand recall and awareness.

4. Is Convenient and Cost-Effective

Each of SpeedPro’s 20′ inline display exhibits come with a standard, two-person recommended, easy assembly design, no specialty tools required. Our proprietary designs are often as simple as collapsing or unfolding a kit from its case — and at the most consists of connecting a few frame pieces.

Folding Display

Protect your modular, pop-up or truss exhibit even further with custom-sized wheeled carrying cases. Cases make backwall display transportation and storage even more convenient. Additional accessories — from attachable LED spotlights and literature racks to monitor mounts and matching fabric kiosks — create a truly cost-effective, complete booth kit ready for any event.

5. Takes the Pain out of Event Attendance Logistics

Simplify convention and trade show logistics with a custom-made, reusable 20′ inline display. Rather than spend valuable time (and money) ordering ad hoc event tents, booths and fabric structures over and over again for individual industry events, create one complete harmonious yet reconfigurable display. Then have it at your disposal from day one, complete with full branded design features and event functionality.

What’s Available in Your 20′ Inline Exhibit?

SpeedPro studios’ trained print experts work with you to design, build and embellish a custom 20′ inline backwall exhibition, incorporating the following:

  • Integrated backwall fabric graphics: Every model of 20′ pop-up, modular, vector and truss displays made by SpeedPro comes with a custom large-format vinyl print. That print serves as the fabric backwall for your entire display. It is the place to feature vibrant, colorful branded imagery, including company names, logos, slogans, value statements and photography of your products, services and more.
  • Custom graphics design: SpeedPro uses only state-of-the-art roll-fed printers, inks and finishing materials to create integrated backwall graphics. Our execution ensures integrity to the vision for your convention display. Our color-matching reproduction techniques are some of the best in the industry, reproducing graphics within a 95% match of CMYK Pantone color standards. In addition, we can print graphics on flat (linear), curved, combination or serpentine substrates, adding depth and dimension to your final display.
  • Framing system: Each convention display booth comes with an individual frame. SpeedPro can produce off-the-shelf frames for each of its main booth models, including anodized aluminum tube or silver tube frames for collapsible (pop-up) kits, modular kits, vector kits and truss exhibit kits. Certain frame features are available for additional customization, upon request.
  • Display accents: Display accents embellish your trade show inline display, taking its impact to the next level. SpeedPro offers an extensive line of booth and exhibit additions, including custom banners, wall mount displays, counters, kiosks, tabletoppers, display lighting, illuminated graphics, tents, architectural fabric structures and many, many more.

Types of 20′ Large-Format Convention Booth Displays

SpeedPro studios make and manufacture four main categories of 20′ commercial inline displays:

Types of 20' Large-Format Convention Booth Displays

  • Collapsible 20′ backwall displays (linear): SpeedPro offers four lines of 20′ collapsible exhibits — the HopupTM, EmbraceTM, XClaimTM and CoyoteTM. Each comes equipped with a collapsible, parallel framing system which expands and collapses as one complete unit, no tools or assembly required.
  • Formulate fabric 20′ backwall displays (linear and modular): SpeedPro’s 20′ Formulate® Fabric models are made from interconnecting aluminum or silver tube pieces and a fabric zipper system that stretches and seals graphics into place. Select from four lines of this snap-and-zip system — the Essential, Master, ModulateTM and Designer.
  • Vector modular 20′ exhibits: Vector frame modular systems are comprised of reconfigurable aluminum, silver and steel frame pieces, giving your organization ultimate booth-space creativity. Select an adjustable kit in one of three models — the LinearTM, Vector FrameTM or HybridTM display.
  • Truss 20′ Exhibits: Truss booths represent a contemporary twist on the classic, fabric-dominant exhibit standard to most conventions and trade shows. Designed to replicate the geometric beams that make up architectural trusses, SpeedPro’s Orbital Express TrussTM model makes a bold, unique framing type that affords even more security and stability to your entire setup.

Continue below for in-depth specs and details on each of SpeedPro’s 20′ inline display models.

20′ Collapsible Inline Displays

Collapsible inline displays are one of the quickest, lightest, most convenient assembly convention displays on the market. SpeedPro produces these unique collapse-and-expand frames in four kits:

1. Hopup Collapsible

The Hopup Collapsible kit features a pre-attached integrated graphics panel. Simply unroll and mount the frame when setting up, then reroll when done — no individual parts or tools needed.

Plus, Hopup Collapsible inline displays are one of the most portable options for convention and trade show exhibits. Sizes include 13×7.5 feet, 13×10 feet, 15×7.5 feet and 20×7.5 feet with integrated graphics, available in linear or curved edges.

2. Embrace Collapsible

SpeedPro’s Embrace Collapsible model comes in 20′ wide, 15′ wide and 12.25′ wide models. Each contains a full push-fit fabric graphic that seals and stays in its white aluminum tube frame, secured by a perimeter channel bar.

Unlike the Hopup model, though, the Embrace’s overall frame is made up from two to three 3×4 smaller structural units, each collapsible on their own as well as when conjoined together. Graphics are also removable from the display rather than pre-attached.

3. XClaim Collapsible

The XClaim Collapsible kit rolls out into an eye-catching, dimensional pyramid. Its magnetic framing system — complete with magnetic end caps — unrolls to support numerous tiers of stretch fabric graphics, which are pre-attached for the utmost ease and assembly convenience. SpeedPro produces XClaim pyramid-style standing displays starting at 10′-wide bases and regularly exceeding 14′-wide bases.

4. Coyote Collapsible

SpeedPro’s Coyote kits are one of our newest and most customizable in Collapsible catalog. It is the only Collapsible model to feature serpentine graphics panels, giving your entire display’s backdrop a fluid, contemporary “S” shape.

Other Coyote kit details include the most diverse range of horizontal and vertical curved graphic embellishments, alongside the ability to print graphics on magnet-applied, rollable UV fabric panels. Coyote frames themselves also come with a magnetic assembly, meaning putting this kit together is as easy as connecting compatible magnetized ends.

20′ Formulate Fabric Inline Displays

SpeedPro’s Formulate Fabric inline displays come in four variations, each with unique design and fabrication details.

1. Essential

Push-button connectors and a zipper-pillowcase graphic comprise the overall design of the Essential Formulate Fabric model. True to its name, assembly is completed in minutes by simply pushing complementary pieces together until its “buttons” lock, then sliding the single or double-sided graphic over the standing frame.

2. Master

For 20' convention booth displays, SpeedPro's master series of formulate fabric displays introduces horizontally and vertically curved graphic edges.

SpeedPro’s Master series of Formulate Fabric Displays introduces horizontally and vertically curved graphic edges. Such detailing elevates the appearance of your entire inline backwall display, giving it an immersive, tunnel-like effect to booth visitors.

Further adorn Master Formulate Fabric Displays with single or double-sided graphics, attachable LED spotlights plus the option to expand integrated graphics panels’ heights up to 10′ tall for a truly standout exhibit backwall.

3. Modulate

Modulate Formulate Fabric Frames are the second line of magnetic-option framing exhibits from SpeedPro. Frames come with integrated magnet piece assembly, allowing pieces to fit and lock together effortlessly.

This magnetic frame also means Modulate Fabric Frames can be broken down and reconfigured into two 10′ mini inline backwalls, opening new display possibilities across various industry events.

4. Designer

True to its name, the Designer Formulate Fabric Display allows a mix-and-match approach to the shape of your vinyl graphics. Blend flowing, organic “S”-shaped panels with bold, geometric flat images, or add curved wings to the edges of multiple, comic-book style flat panelings. The snap-into-place tube framing complements this choice and versatility, allowing your organization to truly flex its inner “designer” muscles.

20′ Vector Frame Modular Exhibits

Vector Frame Modular Exhibits from SpeedPro is an entire line of reconfigurable graphics panels, complete with easy-assembly components and plenty of room for panel details and customizations.

1. Vector Frame

The Vector Frame Modular display is the classic unit within its namesake line. Its signature extrusion aluminum or silver frame allows for seamless push-fit graphics, with borders and joints secured by sleek silicone edges.

This extrusion-based frame can come as a single, sweeping 20′ graphic, or as a series of geometric graphic panels mixed and matched to create your custom backwall display. SpeedPro can even install light boxes into Vector Frame exhibits themselves, creating a built-in aluminum graphic you simply plug into the nearest outlet to let shine.

2. Linear Frame

SpeedPro’s Linear Vector Frames are comprised of two 10′ custom graphics panels that connect using a simple hook-and-loop framing system. The two graphics panels are then adorned with two custom graphics canopies as well as two accent wings. Together, this detailing makes the Linear Vector Frame one of the most aesthetic and unique conventions or trade show booth displays on the market, yet still carries the same commitment to hassle-free assembly and portability.

3. Hybrid Pro

Vector Frame Hybrid Pro models combine the best of the best from the Linear and Vector Frame models in the Modular inline catalog.

Hybrid Pro allows businesses to select from a single to numerous integrated fabric graphics, easily connected with push-fit framing system. Yet it also incorporates the custom fabric embellishments of the Linear Frame model, including canopies, accent wings, fabric tables, literature racks and display lighting.

Each of our Hybrid Pro backwall units comes with highly durable silver-aluminum extrusion frames, packed and shipped to your business as a complete kit.

4. 20′ Orbital Truss Exhibit

The 20′ Orbital Truss Exhibit is the final selection in SpeedPro’s Vector Frame Modular exhibit catalog — and is sure to put an impressive foot forward. This inline display highlights the model’s one-of-a-kind truss-style steel framing, which creates a strong yet artistic scaffold around the entire exhibit. The truss framing system is not available in any other variety of SpeedPro’s inline displays.

Orbital truss displays incorporate a minimum of three custom fabric graphics. Some models incorporate up to six. Adjustable display accessories include canopies, wings, shelving, spotlights and electronic hook-ups to add television monitors, iPads and more to your exhibit.

Find Your Perfect Inline Display

SpeedPro is a nationwide network of large-format printers with one goal — be the full-service, go-to partner for all your printing needs.

Our industry-leading print technology brings top-of-the-line trade show and convention backwall displays to your brand. We don’t settle until you’re beyond satisfied — with the designs, the samples, our service and your final inline display kit.

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Our industry-leading print technology brings top-of-the-line trade show and convention backwall displays to your brand. Find a SpeedPro studio today!