Portable Counters

Portable Counters

If you’re looking for ways to make your trade show booth more functional and more visually striking, you can achieve both of those goals in one type of display — a counter. Portable counters are designed with exhibiting in mind, so they’re easy to transport and set up. A counter from SpeedPro can serve many purposes in your trade show booth, all while showing off your custom graphics.

What Are Portable Trade Show Counters?

Portable display counters are multipurpose counters that are quick and easy to assemble so you can pack one along to a trade show and set it up in your booth within minutes. Because they break down for convenient transport, these portable trade show counters are also called folding counters. You can use your counter like a podium, a reception desk or a product display stand.

Portable display counters are multipurpose counters that are quick and easy to assemble

In addition to providing valuable function to your booth, exhibit counters also show off your custom graphics so your counter fits in seamlessly with the rest of your booth and reinforces your branding.

What Types of Portable Counters Are There?

What Types of Portable Counters are There?

SpeedPro offers a variety of counters to choose from, so you can find the best option that offers both the function and the look you’re after. These options fall within nine lines, each of which offers its own special features and appearance. No matter which option you choose, you can customize it with your graphics and by choosing a color you love for the laminate countertop.

1. Embrace Counters

Embrace™ is a line of fabric displays, which includes counters. Embrace fabric counters are made from collapsible frames and push-fit fabric graphics printed through dye sublimation. They are open at the back and contain a shelf for storing items. These rectangular counters are 40.5 inches tall and 41 inches wide, featuring a graphic that wraps around the front and sides. You can choose a backlit option to make your graphic come to life even more. You can also choose from a silver, black, mahogany or natural finish for the countertop.

2. Formulate Counters

Formulate® tension fabric counters use push-fit fabric graphics and lightweight aluminum tube frames to create a wide variety of reception stands. Choose a size and shape that fits the style of your booth. If you plan to use your counter as a podium for talk, choose a narrow pedestal option. A large Formulate bar counter is perfect if you want to give visitors a place to sit while they fill out information or watch a demonstration of your product. No matter which model you choose, you can select from a silver, black, mahogany or natural countertop.

Alongside reception-style counters, also consider a Formulate charging counter or tower for your booth. These options offer charging cables for both Android® and Apple® devices so your guests can charge their phones and be exposed to your eye-catching custom graphics, stretched over the charging station. Also, within the Formulate line is a freestanding shelf and freestanding monitor kiosk to add even more branding and function to your booth.

3. Hopup Counter

The Hopup™ tension fabric counter is made from an anodized silver frame that pops up quickly to accommodate your fabric graphic, which connects with hooks and loops to wrap around the front and sides of the counter. On top is a laminate counter which can be black, silver, mahogany or natural colored based on your preference. Assembled, this rectangular counter stands 39.69 inches high and is 41.75 inches wide and 14.25 inches deep. In the back is a shelf for hidden storage. Your graphic remains connected to the frame when you fold it up and put it in the carry bag, making this a convenient counter choice.

4. Hybrid Pro Modular Counters

Hybrid Pro™ portable display counters offer an elegant, modern appearance as well as helpful storage space protected by locking doors. These counters come in a variety of sizes, most of which have a rectangular shape. Some counters have a more traditional look with a laminate countertop in black, silver, mahogany or natural finish. Many other options are more fully covered in a laminate surface that is black, white, gray or maple. This surface may wrap all sides or may extend beyond the top down one side of the counter for a sleek look.

Your graphic appears on the front of your Hybrid Pro counter, either as a printed fabric graphic or as a rigid printed panel. You can also choose whether to have your graphic be opaque or backlit. These counters pair especially well with other Hybrid Pro modular displays, but they add style and function to any booth.

5. Linear Pro Display Counter

Linear Pro™ display counters have a sophisticated, modern appearance. They are comprised of exposed aluminum extrusion frames and rigid panels that show off your custom graphics on all four sides of the counter along with a laminate countertop in the color of your choice — black, silver, mahogany or natural. All Linear Pro counters also come with locking doors for discreet and secure storage.

Linear Pro counters come in several different models. Some feature a sleek metallic accent next to the graphics panel, such as an x- or a v-shape. You can also choose a double reception counter. Whatever option you choose, a Linear Pro counter will add visual appeal and function to any booth.

6. Modulate Magnetic Counter

The Modulate™ magnetic counter perfectly complements displays in the Modulate line of reconfigurable exhibit kits, but it would be an asset to any trade show booth. This counter is made from a magnetized, aluminum tube frame, a dye-sublimated fabric graphic and a laminate top in silver, black, mahogany or natural. Your graphic attaches with hooks and loops, making it easy to pull the back of the graphic aside to access a storage shelf inside. The Modulate magnetic counter is 31.5 inches wide and 40 inches tall.

7. Orbital Truss Counters

Orbital Express™ truss counters have a modern, industrial appearance. They are made from metal truss frames and laminated countertops — choose from silver, black, mahogany or natural finish. These frames are designed to come together with no tools needed, making them a convenient option for trade shows. You can choose to add a graphic panel, either fabric or UV, to the front of your counter or leave it open for a more minimalistic appearance. You can also opt to have a shelf in the middle of your counter.

Orbital Express truss counters come in several different sizes and styles that fit either a pedestal or reception counter style. These counters fit in seamlessly with other Orbital Express Truss exhibits, such as a modular backwall, but an Orbital truss counter is a win in any trade show exhibit.

8. Popup Bar Counters

Popup™ bars are particularly well-suited to businesses in the restaurant, catering and food and beverage manufacturing industries since they’re designed to be sampling or serving stations. These bars, which come in two size options, are made from pre-assembled aluminum frames that easily expand for a quick setup, with no tools necessary. Your custom fabric graphics attach to the front and sides. Shelving inside the cart makes it easy to store items.

In addition to the mini and large popup bar options, you can also select a campaign counter — a promotional counter made from white plastic which features your graphic on the face of the counter and on a header that extends above the counter on two poles. Popup bar counters, as well as the Popup campaign counter, are made for outdoor use as well as indoor, so you can pull them out to help you market your business at a variety of events.

9. Vector Frame Counters

Vector Frame™ counters complement other types of exhibits within the Vector Frame series. With clean lines and your choice of vivid graphics, a Vector Frame counter will add visual appeal and valuable function to your trade show booth. These counters are made from metal extrusion frames, laminate countertops and graphics, either printed on push-fit fabric or on rigid panels. You can remove one of these panels to stow away items inside and then replace it or leave it open for easy access.

These counters come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some are raised up off the floor with metal legs and others have the graphic come all the way down to the floor. In addition to choosing a shape you like, you can select a color for the laminate counter — black, silver, mahogany or natural.

What Are the Benefits of Counters for Trade Shows?

What are the Benefits of Counters for Trade Shows?

Why should you consider purchasing or renting a portable counter for your trade show exhibit? There is a myriad of reasons why a counter can enhance your trade show booth. Here are four reasons to consider:

1. It Tells Visitors Where to Find Information

In one research study, over 100 interviews with trade show visitors from various backgrounds and company positions revealed a common theme — trade show visitors experience information overload on the trade show floor. Amidst a sea of information, it can be difficult for trade show attendees to know where to look. This is where a counter can play an important role. People tend to recognize counters, especially with an employee positioned behind them or literature displayed on them, as a central point where they can find the information and answers they need.

2. It Works as a Stylish Display Stand

For some businesses, a counter can also serve as the perfect spot to show off products. Others may choose to use their counter to display information about their products and services in the form of pamphlets, brochures or portfolios. If you sell edible products, then a popup bar works perfectly as a sampling station so people can try your product for themselves. No matter what you want to display, as long as it can fit, a counter is a quick and easy solution, complete with your custom graphics.

3. It’s a Helpful Writing Surface

Trying to fill out information on paper can be a frustrating task when you don’t have a flat, hard surface. Even if forms are attached to a clipboard, it still tends to be much easier for people to rest the clipboard on a counter or tabletop to fill it out. Providing a counter to aid in the process of getting visitors’ contact information is so crucial because this is how you follow up on leads. You can incentivize visitors to leave their information in several ways, such as offering a prize drawing.

4. It Provides Discreet Storage

In spite of all the planning that goes into exhibiting at a trade show, it’s easy to forget about details like where you’ll stow away loose items you don’t want to be visible in your trade show display. These items could include purses, jackets, boxes of swag, boxes of product, carrying cases for displays and other items that threaten to clutter up the booth you worked so hard to design. Having storage areas that are concealed within your display counters is hugely helpful in this instance.

5. It Can Facilitate Sales

If you have products available for purchase at your trade show booth, a counter can also serve as a sales counter to facilitate these sales transactions. Simply set up your point-of-sale (POS) system on your counter, and it becomes a checkout counter. People should recognize it as such, which means a quick glance at your booth lets them know they have the opportunity to purchase your product. Add a tabletop banner or sign letting people know about a special, limited-time promotion to interest them further.

6. It Pairs Perfectly With Tabletop Displays

A counter is a display on its own, but it can also provide a surface for tabletop displays. Tabletop displays include things like popup displays, folding panel displays, retractable banner stands and more. You can use these displays to highlight products, promotions, results or aspects of your brand or to put forth a call to action. For instance, a call to action on your counter could prompt visitors to ask an employee their questions or to sign up for a free trial.

7. It Can Help You Show Hospitality

The idea of a reception counter carries with it the idea that this is a place visitors can come to be received by staff. These staff members should be friendly and committed to helping visitors in any way they can. Though receiving someone into your trade show booth may not be exactly like receiving someone in your own home, you can still show hospitality with a counter. Showing hospitality to weary trade show attendees is a successful trade show strategy for any company. In addition to answering questions, consider offering beverages or snacks on your counter.

8. It Gives More Attention to Your Branding

Finally, a portable display counter provides valuable real estate to show off your branding to help raise brand awareness. You always want every aspect of your display to look professional and consistent. Particularly in a small trade show booth, you need to capitalize on every component to paint a vivid picture of your brand. Eye-catching graphics on your counter can call attention to your logo or give special focus to something like your web address or slogan. You may even want to display a more abstract aspect of your branding like your core values or mission statement.

Trade Show Counters From SpeedPro

SpeedPro, the nation’s leading graphics and printing franchise, has the expertise and expansive product offerings to help you find the perfect solutions to bring the vision for your trade show exhibit to life. Counters offer both visual appeal and practical function, both of which will be an asset to your trade show booth. To learn more about trade show counters, talk to our staff at a SpeedPro studio near you.

Trade Show Counters From SpeedPro