Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

One of the most popular options for trade shows from SpeedPro is a retractable banner stand. These stands are high-impact and low-maintenance: a combination any exhibitor would love. When you want a freestanding display you can set up in seconds, complete with vivid graphics that capture your audience’s attention, retractable banner stands are an ideal option.

What Are Retractable Banner Stands?

Retractable banner stands are a straightforward, versatile type of trade show display.

Retractable banner stands are a straightforward, versatile type of trade show display. Banner stands, in general, are any devices used to help support and display a banner, turning it into a freestanding display. Other types of banner stands include spring-back, telescopic, fabric frame and illuminated fabric frame. The thing that sets retractable banner stands apart is the way graphics retract into the base of the stand via a spring-like roller mechanism.

When you close up the stand, your graphic remains safely wrapped around the roller. For this reason, you may also hear retractable banner stands called roll-up displays. People sometimes also call these stands collapsible or folding banner stands because they become compact by containing the graphic in the base.

When it’s time to set up your display, you pull the banner out by the crossbar connected to the top edge of the graphic, and the tube around the roller becomes the base of the stand. A telescoping or bungee pole supports the banner at the back.

Retractable banner stands are one of the most convenient options for displaying a banner, since they consolidate and protect your display when you are not using them, and you can set them up in seconds once you’re ready to display your graphic.

What Are the Different Types of Retractable Banner Stands?

What are the Benefits of Retractable Banner Stands for Trade Shows?

SpeedPro offers dozens of retractable banner stands to choose from. No matter what price point, look, size or features you’re looking for, SpeedPro has the perfect option for you.

These options range in quality levels from economy to standard to premium. When it comes to looks, the primary choices are silver and black, but you’ll also find options in white and even maple wood grain. You’ll also notice the end caps on either side of the base come in different finishes. Retractable banner stands range in size, from a height of 11 inches to over eight feet and a width of eight inches up to five feet.

Your choices also differ in the practical features they offer, which include the following.

  • Single-sided: The default type of retractable banner stand is single-sided, which means its design features one graphic on one side of the stand. The back side is for the hardware holding the banner in place. Single-sided banner stands are an ideal option, particularly if you plan to set the banner in front of a wall or object that would obscure the back anyway.
  • Double-sided: Double-sided banner stands feature a graphic on both sides. You can either repeat the same graphic for increased visibility, or you can use two different graphics. A double-sided display option is an excellent choice if you will be positioning your banner stand out in the open where trade show attendees can walk around it.
  • Tabletop: Tabletop retractable banner stands are perfect for smaller displays. If you have a table or counter in your booth where you want to feature a small sign, a custom calendar or any graphic that will add to your display, a tabletop retractable banner stand is a perfect choice. In many cases, you’ll want to incorporate both full-height and tabletop banners in your booth.
  • Adjustable: Around half of the retractable banner stands we offer are adjustable height options. Rather than being designed for a banner of a fixed height, these stands allow you to customize the height. Note that the width, however, is not adjustable. To choose your desired height, you expand the pole to your desired length and lock it into place. You may also be able to add an extension to the pole.
  • Cassette: Whereas with most retractable banner stands, you attach the banner to the base in the stand, cassette options separate the cartridge that holds your banner from the stand itself. This functionality allows you to reuse the stand, switching out the graphic whenever you see fit. Plug in the cartridge containing the banner you want to display, then pull it up to display it.

How Do You Set up a Retractable Banner Stand?

Putting together a retractable banner is a quick and simple process, which is one of the benefits of this display type. Furthermore, you can take care of most of this assembly before you ever leave for your trade show, minimizing the setup once you arrive at your booth space. Here are the essential steps to set up retractable displays.

  1. Depending on the style of banner stand, attach the crossbar to the top of the banner, either by sticking it on or sliding it across.
  2. Now, roll up your banner, starting at the top edge with the crossbar.
  3. Next, attach the bottom end of your graphic to the banner stand base. The way you’ll do this will depend on the particular model of stand you choose.
  4. Then, engage the retraction mechanism, which should pull the banner into the base, rolling it around the roller inside.
  5. This final step happens when you’re ready to display your banner. Attach the pole to the base of the stand, and then pull up on the crossbar to unroll your banner. Once you get to the right height, hook the crossbar onto the tip of the support pole.

What Are the Benefits of Retractable Banner Stands for Trade Shows?

When you’re planning the design of your trade show booth, you want to select display types that will offer you the most convenience and a significant visual impact. There are a variety of display types you can choose from, and in most cases, you’ll want to combine display types to diversify your booth. Here are a few reasons you should consider using retractable banner stands in your next trade show display.

1. Variety

It’s evident from our overview of the different types of retractable banner stands above that there is plenty of room for customization. No matter what features and style you prefer, you’ll find the right option for your business. Because retractable banner stands are so diverse, you can use them throughout your booth without looking like you’re repeating the same display. Incorporate small banners on your tabletop, medium sizes at the front of your booth and large banners at the back.

2. Portability

When it comes to trade shows, you have to consider all the steps to getting to your booth, not just the setup once you’re there. Rather than carrying around separate parts or bulky hardware, with a retractable banner stand, your display is compact, consolidated and lightweight. This ease of use makes for safe, streamlined transport, whether you’re shipping or carrying your items. Especially if you contain your roll-up displays in a carrying bag or case, you can rest assured your graphic and the hardware used to display it will remain safe.

3. Easy Assembly

Trade show exhibitors typically have plenty of different logistical concerns to juggle, so when a display is a breeze to set up, that is a major win. For retractable banner stands, the majority of the assembly, which involves connecting the banner to the stand, can take place ahead of time. Once at your event, just pull the graphic out, attach the supporting pole and you have a finished display in seconds. Disassembly is just as quick and easy.

4. Affordability

When you want to make an impression while being friendly to your bank account, you’ll be glad to know retractable banner stands are relatively affordable, especially if you choose economy-grade options. Retractable banner stands still use quality materials, but probably won’t last quite as long. If you plan to reuse your banner stands long-term, consider investing in standard or premium options that could save you money over time.

5. Reusability

Retractable banner stands are an excellent option if you want a display you can reuse time and time again. Especially if you choose premium banner stands, which feature higher-quality internal mechanisms and more durable metal, you can expect your banner stand to hold up to heavy use. These banner stands come with a lifetime hardware warranty. Especially if you choose a cassette option, you can reuse the stand with a variety of different graphics so you can tailor your retractable displays for each trade show you attend.

How Can You Use Retractable Banner Stands at Your Next Trade Show?

How Can You Use Retractable Banner Stands At Your Next Trade Show?

Banner stands work for a myriad of purposes, so you may want to incorporate multiple banners into your booth and use them to aid in your marketing in different ways. Here are a few ideas to help spark your creativity.

  • Feature your logo: Your logo is a significant aspect of your branding. Most companies put a great deal of thought and strategy into their logo creation to ensure it helps them make the right impression. No matter what your goal for a trade show is, you should put your logo front and center, not only to help you create a first impression, but to make that impression memorable. Repetition is key for increasing brand awareness, so it’s always a good idea to feature your logo throughout your booth.
  • Share your mission statement or values: Your branding includes more than just your logo. It also incorporates the values and mission at the heart of your business. These values matter to your audience. Over half of U.S. consumers and nearly 70% of millennials say they actively consider a company’s ethics when they’re making a purchase. Listing your company’s core beliefs or featuring your mission statement helps consumers connect with your business and may lead to stronger brand loyalty.
  • Highlight your online presence: Face-to-face interactions are a crucial part of what makes trade shows so successful, but you shouldn’t forget about the importance of your online presence. When people want to learn more about your company, whether they’re standing right there in your booth or back at home the next day, they’ll look at your website or social media profiles. For this reason, highlighting your online presence in your displays by listing web addresses or social media handles is an effective trade show strategy.
  • Share a conversation starter: You can also use your display to spark conversations that could lead to meaningful connections. One tactic is to ask the consumer a question such as, “Are you satisfied with your current [product]?” Another idea is to prompt them to ask you a question, which can take forms like, “Ask me how you can save [amount of money] a year” or “Ask how we [achieved a certain result for a client].” You may want to consider using a tabletop banner stand for your conversation starter, with an employee stationed at the table to engage in conversation.
  • Put the spotlight on a product: Exhibitors tend to agree one of the things exhibitions are valuable for is launching or promoting a new product or service. If this is one of your trade show goals, you should use your retractable banner displays to help you accomplish it. If you want to create a buzz over a new offering from your company, create a striking graphic that shows off your new product or product line or that promotes your new service, then proudly display it with a retractable stand.
  • Draw attention to a promotion: Promotions are a tried-and-true strategy for trade shows. If you want to prompt attendees to give your products or services a try, one of the best ways to sweeten the pot is by offering a limited-time offer, whether it be a free add-on, a certain percentage off, special financing or any other promotional discount. No matter how enticing your promotion is, it will fall flat if you don’t properly get the word out. Use your banner to broadcast your special, limited-time offer.
  • Emphasize your results: If your products or services are all about achieving specific results, emphasize these results in your display. Try to be as specific as possible. List numerical figures or feature a short testimonial from one of your clients or customers. If that person is willing, you may even want to include their photo with the quote to emphasize that it’s coming from a real person. For example, someone could praise the results they got from your weight-loss supplement, your home renovation services, your scheduling software or whatever your company offers.

Retractable Banner Stands From SpeedPro Help Your Company Stand Out

Retractable banner stands make it easy to create high-impact displays. When you work with SpeedPro, you gain a partner who understands what it takes to develop trade show displays that help your company stand out from the competition. That’s why we will always print your graphics with the best inks and materials for a showstopping appearance. You can also expect the hardware used to display your graphics to be high-quality and designed with compactness, portability and easy setup in mind.

With so many options for retractable banner stands available, you may feel overwhelmed by where to start. Our staff, spread across our wide network of SpeedPro studios, is here to help you find the perfect option to help you achieve your goal for your display. To get started, find a SpeedPro studio near you and talk to our experts about how you can use portable retractable banners at your next trade show.