Vehicle Wraps


What’s the difference between decals and wraps? They are similar, but wraps cover the entire vehicle edge to edge and decals are made to be placed on specific areas, such as the hood or a door. Decals are smaller than a full wrap and are customized in several ways such as shape, color, detailing, laminate, scale and depth. Decals are perfect for highlighting your company name or logo, and are ideal for the side and rear doors of the vehicle. Decals are a cost-effective way to promote your business on the go if you do not want to invest in a full wrap.


One level up from decals are partial wraps which fully cover a larger section of a vehicle. Generally, a partial wrap will cover a vehicle’s entire side, door or rear-end.  Because partials cover an entire area they are a good compromise between a smaller decal and a full wrap covering the whole vehicle. Partial wraps are quite compelling and get people to respond to your advertisements while the vehicle is on the road during a commute or delivery. Partial wraps are wonderful at branding company vehicles and creatively utilizing space for custom designed graphics.


Magnetic Vinyl vehicle signs are a versatile advertising option that gives the utility of a decal while being quickly removable or replaceable for multi-function vehicles. Magnetic vinyl can be easily printed large enough to be legible by the drivers of other vehicles on the road and the magnetic sheets can be custom fitted for any size vehicle onto the side panel, door or rear. Your vehicle drivers do not need to worry about the Magnetic sign coming loose either as the vinyl .030-gauge clings securely and easily withstands inclement conditions such as rain or snow so you can be confident that your message is being seen in all types of weather.


Full wraps are the highest-end application of the Vehicle Wrap concept. A SpeedPro full wrap covers the entire vehicle from tip to tip transforming any car, truck, SUV, Van, motorcycle or boat into a moving advertisement for your company. Our SpeedPro design experts can assist in creating eye-catching full wraps sure to create an impression on many potential new customers in every region your business operates.


Allen Wayne vehicle wrap
Mama's Hot Chicken food truck wrap

Box trucks

Box trucks are the veritable fleet bread and butter for freight and transportation companies. Box trucks range in variety from light, medium and heavy-duty units to specialty refrigerated trucks. Therefore it is important to brand box trucks positively with customized fleet graphic wraps to create cohesion between these important service vehicles. Box trucks offer an impressive surface area to advertise on and raise awareness with. The box trucks are going to be on the road anyway in the course of business, why not spread the word about what you have to offer?

Food trucks

The popularity of food trucks in urban markets has undeniably grown in recent years. A well designed wrap for a food truck can make the difference between a curious customer and a return customer who brings their friends to get more of what you are selling. Important details included in the wrap design such as the logo, contact information, color of the vehicle and sense of style help brand the business and make food trucks the desired cuisine choice for many events and festivals. With a little creativity even the top selling menu items can be worked into the wrap to tantalize the taste buds of prospective customers.

Semi trucks

Semi-trucks are among the largest possible platforms for vehicle wraps. A well designed wrap for a Semi creates a rolling billboard that can get between 30,000 to 70,000 views per day depending on location. A semi-truck wrap is a great investment as a wrapped semi-truck is the most cost efficient cost-per-impression of any type of advertising. SpeedPro is ready, willing and able to assist you with all of your vehicle wrap needs from the biggest semi wrap to the smallest decal.