Delivery Vehicle Wraps

Delivery Vehicle Wraps

Advertise wherever you go, no matter the time or place. With delivery vehicle wraps in your corner, you can take your messages with you on the road.

Delivery services are crucial to many companies’ success, and they often employ a fleet of vehicles with drivers ready to take their products from one location to another. Part of any successful delivery service is the ability to get products to consumers quickly and in one piece.

What many companies miss out on, however, is the ability to get even more out of their delivery services by outfitting their fleet with delivery vehicle wraps. These wraps turn any delivery vehicle in your fleet into marketing material that gets people to notice the vehicle and learn about your delivery service.

If you’re interested in getting more out of your delivery fleet, learn more about what vehicle wraps are and how they can benefit your company.

What Are Delivery Vehicle Wraps?

Delivery vehicle wraps are a form of vehicle graphics designed to market a business and display custom messages while a company vehicle is out on the road. Vehicle wraps are large vinyl graphics installed directly onto the exterior of vehicles to give them a fresh appearance and carry targeted messages.

These vehicle wraps come in three main forms:

  • Decals: The smallest form of vehicle graphics are individual decals placed on specific locations of your vehicle. These decals come in many sizes and can be customized in several ways. They often vary in color, shape, laminate, detailing, depth and scale. They are excellent for highlighting your logo or company name, especially when placed on a vehicle’s side and rear doors.
  • Partial wraps: A step up from decals, partial wraps are designed to cover a section of a vehicle completely, such as across the vehicle’s side, rear or doors. As they cover an entire section, they’re a good medium between a smaller decal and a full wrap covering the whole vehicle. Partial wraps are very eye-catching and get people to notice your message while the vehicle is out on the road. They excel at branding vehicles and providing plenty of space for custom images.
  • Full wraps: When it comes to branding and generating attention, full vehicle wraps are like no other. These wraps cover the entire vehicle and turn a vehicle’s whole exterior into an advertisement. They can completely transform the appearance of a vehicle and make your message as noticeable as possible.

Who Uses Delivery Vehicle Wraps?

One of the biggest users of wraps for delivery vehicles is the restaurant industry. Whenever someone orders a meal, the restaurant needs to get the food to them. Instead of relying on plain vehicles, a restaurant can advertise themselves and their delivery services with a custom-made wrap that features imagery and text. Popular delivery vehicle wraps for restaurants will advertise that they deliver, along with providing contact info for the restaurant or imagery of the type of food they provide.

Besides restaurants, many other businesses can use delivery vehicle wraps. If your company delivers a product to a consumer, vehicle graphics can upgrade the look of your fleet and publicize your business to others. Businesses that aren’t well known for delivery can get even more value out of fleet wraps because they can highlight their delivery services to unaware audiences.

Benefits of Delivery Vehicle Wraps [list]

Benefits of Delivery Vehicle Wraps

Many advantages come with using wraps for delivery vehicles. Many companies have found that their vehicle graphics help them reach a larger audience and promote awareness about their services or products. Wraps are also a highly cost-effective form of graphics that provide superior value and last for a long time.

Consider some of the top ways delivery vehicle graphics provide value to companies:

1. Raise Awareness About Delivery

If your company has just started delivering or is in an industry where delivery isn’t standard, it’s important that consumers know that they can get delivery from you. To do so, you need to spread awareness through advertising. One of the best ways to generate awareness about your delivery services is to outfit your vehicles with custom graphics and messages that call attention to it.

A vehicle covered in attractive graphics is quite eye-catching on its own, standing out from the rest of the vehicles on the road. Make that extra attention count by adding in text and imagery that lets consumers know what company the vehicle is representing, along with information about the delivery services the company offers.

2. Reach a Wider Audience

Your delivery vehicles will be going all around your area in a day. Since they’ll be in so many different places, vehicle wraps can be a perfect way to reach new people and make them aware of your company. A delivery vehicle that features your company’s logo alongside contact info or other information on your products can drum up new business as the driver goes about their daily tasks, reaching people who may not have been originally on your company’s radar.

3. Highly Durable

Vinyl is one of the most durable materials around and will hold up well against the elements. People want their products and food rain or shine, so any vehicle wrap you choose must be made with vinyl designed to stand up to the weather.

Lower quality materials will fade due to sun exposure or tear easily, causing your message to lose its power and forcing you to spend money replacing a wrap prematurely. Vinyl will last up to five years, making it a solid investment and giving you high-quality advertising for many years.

4. Cost-Effective

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. After the initial cost of placing them on the vehicle, they have few costs to worry about afterward. Out on the road, the vehicle wraps also offer one of the lowest cost-per-impression of any advertising method. Hundreds of people will see these wraps daily, delivering a high number of impressions at a low cost.

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