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FEBRUARY 8, 2019| SpeedPro Rochester


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As a business owner, you undoubtedly want your business to be noticed. You also want to engage your customers while they’re in your store, restaurant, office complex, gym or wherever you conduct business. Decals are a convenient way to do both.

Catch Their Eye from Outside

Large-scale window decals can help draw in customers by increasing visibility from the street. In municipalities that have stringent sign ordinances, large decals can give businesses – such as car dealerships, retail stores and restaurants – a competitive edge.

Decals are also another opportunity to convey your brand image. More than a third of consumers make assumptions about the quality of businesses based on how clear and attractive the signage is.

Decals come in both clear and opaque options and can remain in place for three or more years. While they’re removable, they cannot be reused or repositioned once they’ve been placed on a window or door. Decals are perfect for long-term signage, whether that includes your business’ name, logo or operating hours.

Three main types of window decals exist: clear, opaque and perforated.

  • Clear decals are best if your windows are tinted, or if you want passersby to still be able to see through the storefront windows. These graphics are ideal for two-way visibility. Using strong contrasting colors will help your decal get noticed from a distance.
  • Perforated decals are ideal if you want to be able to see outside but have a little more privacy. Micro-punctures cover more than half the film, so these decals appear opaque from the outside but allow you to see through them from the inside. Perforated decals create a statement on any window and work well for outside use.
  • Opaque or frosted window decals provide more privacy. They obscure visibility from either side of the window. Instead of having “clear” portions of your sign, the areas not covered by the design will be white or another solid color – similar to a poster. Frosted window graphics also obscure visibility, but allow some light to pass through.

Influence Them to Stay a While

Once inside, you want to keep customers there and encourage them to make purchases. An aesthetically pleasing interior environment can go a long way toward making that happen, and decals, once again, can help. They can also boost morale among employees, which, ultimately, improves your bottom line.

Large, attractive wall decals with a call to action or service or product promotion encourage consumers to act.

Floor decals are especially effective with younger consumers who tend to spend a lot of time looking down at their phones regardless of where they are because the signage is in their field of vision. Floor ads were linked to 30 percent of sales, according to a 2014 study by the International Journal of Business and Management Invention.

Besides catching the attention of downward-looking consumers, floor decals are interesting enough to grab the attention of all consumers. Although not new, they’re still considered novel and therefore not as easy to ignore as traditional marketing tactics.

Your employees, along with customers, make your business hum, so it’s important to engage workers, too. In addition to covering customer-facing areas with decals, consider sprucing up break rooms or common areas with attractive decals that inspire performance and drive home your brand’s vision.

Our  studio can help you decide which kind of decals will help you achieve your goals.  Not only do we work with clients to find the perfect combination of style and placement, but we also offer everything from large-impact decals that cover an entire window to smaller scale decals, including vinyl lettering.

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