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How Visuals Can Help Your Hotel Succeed 

OCTOBER 17, 2018| SpeedPro Rochester
We understand how important first impressions are in the hospitality business.

Comfort and a welcoming environment are crucial for hotels. Directional signs, wall murals, and custom hotel signs must convey both warmth and trust to attract business. The SpeedPro team approaches every hospitality company client with a dedicated focus that attains goals. State of the art printing equipment, high quality materials, and a team of experts ensure attention to every detail. We even offer color matching to keep your new promotional materials seamlessly consistent with your existing brand.

Here’s some examples from our studio to give you some ideas:


Drive Traffic with Directional Signage

Directional Event Signage

It can be uncomfortable to be lost in a big hotel.

Whether it’s directions to the pool or a corporate event, making sure your visitors know where to go with directional signage is important. Since event attendees will likely be unfamiliar with the venue, they’ll probably need help finding their way to the event, as well as directions for other important event locations. By putting essential signs directing guests to your event, you can ensure they’ll be able to find it quickly, which will maximize your turnout. 

Making directional signs and information easy to follow once attendees are at the event – whether that’s signage pointing to restrooms, concessions or product demonstrations – will be key in keeping your guests engaged and attentive. This additional signage also gives you another opportunity to drive your message and theme home, and create an immersive event experience for guests.



Create Welcoming Interiors with Wall Murals

This Wall Mural was created for Chautauqua Harbor Hotel

Wall Murals can jazz up a blank wall and add more to any room. This wall mural was created in conjunction with Lonowood Art Company to create a mural that depicts various historic photos from the Chautauqua area.

This wall mural is a great touch to connect the hotel with the local history of Chautauqua.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your front lobby, entrance hallway or a designated conference room for employees only, we can customize your space to reflect your business and brand the way you want it.




Stay on Brand with Custom Hotel Signs

Outdoor signage for Charlotte Tavern

Either outdoor or indoor, we can create custom signage for your hotel. Building a first impression that calms, encourages and welcomes your guests is essential to gaining business. The best place to begin?

Outside, on your property. By installing the right kinds of outdoor signage for businesses, you’ll be able to visually set yourself apart from the rest of your scenery, invite customers inside and boldly display your brand. Large outdoor signage not only puts your business on the map but also helps customers recognize your branded message.

The custom wall decal for Getinge displays the international reach of Getinge, while staying on brand.

Are you worried that your customers might feel bored while waiting in your lobby area?

Giving your indoor signage a simple rebrand or makeover will allow your customers and employees to be excited about coming into your hotel. You can also change the atmosphere of the room by creating an immersive experience with newly updated interior signage.


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