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Buyer's Guide to Retractable Banner Stands


Whether you’re at a trade show or in your own office, banners can be an excellent way of sharing your message. Since banners are made from flexible, lightweight materials like vinyl, fabric or polyester, they need to be stretched to display your message. Banner stands provide an excellent solution for displaying your banner easily and professionally. All banner stand types, including retractable, telescopic and spring-back, offer their own advantages, but retractable banner stands, in particular, are a popular option for the distinct advantages they afford.

In this banner stand display buyer guide, we’ll focus on what a retractable banner stand is, what benefits it offers and what product options are available from SpeedPro Imaging. With a variety of sizes, features and quality levels, you can find the perfect banner stand that looks and functions how you want and is within your budget.


A retractable banner stand can roll up when it is not in use.

A retractable banner stand includes a spring-like mechanism in the base of the stand which causes the banner to roll up around a roller in the base when it’s not in use. Retractable banner stands are also sometimes called roll-up banner stands because of this feature. In this way, a retractable banner stand functions similarly to a projector screen.

The banner is attached to the roller on the bottom and is slid into a crossbar on the top which keeps the banner from being lost in the roller. When you want to display the banner, you simply pull the top crossbar to unroll it. A support pole holds the banner in place.

The Benefits of Retractable Banner Stands


Some special benefits to using retractable banner stands to display your banners include the following:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly: When you arrive at a trade show or event, you want to get your booth set up quickly so you’re ready to start making an impression. Retractable banner stands make setup a quick and easy process. When it’s time to disassemble your booth, you’ll have no trouble taking down your retractable banner stands.
  • Safe shipping: If you need to ship your banners somewhere, you can rest assured that they will be protected within the base of the retractable banner stand. If the stands are kept in cases, then they will be even more protected. Since they’re neatly rolled up, you won’t get any creases or wrinkles on the banners.
  • Affordability: Banners displayed with retractable banner stands are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to other types of freestanding displays. If you’re working within a tight budget, you can choose to purchase economy-grade stands that are especially affordable. If you want your stands to last a long time, however, you may save money in the long run by initially spending more on higher-grade models.
  • Portability: The way retractable banner stands allow banners to collapse neatly into a protective base makes them especially portable. By purchasing a retractable banner stand that comes with a carrying case, you can take them from trade show to trade show or event to event even more easily.
  • Protection for your banner: Since banners retract into the base of a retractable banner stand, they remain protected from any possible damage or even dust while in storage. You can expect your banner to stay in excellent condition and to look like new when you unroll it for your next event.
  • Adjustability: Unlike other types of banner stands, retractable banner stands allow you to adjust the height of your display and the amount of the banner showing. In most cases, you’ll want to display your whole banner, but you have the option of only showing the portion you want and finding the perfect eye level for your banner.


Standard Retractable Banner Stand Options

Standard options offer a great combination of both quality and affordability. In most cases, these models come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure they are durable enough to use over and over again. Since we offers a variety of models to choose from in this mid-range category, you’ll have no trouble finding an option that matches the look and size you need.


All Blade Lite models are comprised of a silver weighted base with chrome finish end caps and adjustable leveling feet along with a toolless quick rail and hybrid bungee/telescoping pole. They also come with a carry bag that features foam padding on the inside to provide extra protection. All options except the Blade Lite 400 offer variable height options from 60″ to 83.25″. The only real difference from model to model is the graphic width it is made to accommodate. Here are the options:

  • Blade Lite 400: This is the only non-adjustable option. It displays a graphic that is 15.75″ wide and 69.375″ tall.
  • Blade Lite 600The 600 holds a banner that is 23.5″ wide.
  • Blade Lite 800This option is designed for a graphic 31.5″ wide.
  • Blade Lite 850This model is made for a 33.5″ wide banner.
  • Blade Lite 920The 920 displays a graphic 36″ wide.
  • Blade Lite 1000This model is designed for a graphic that is 39.25″ wide.
  • Blade Lite 1200This option holds a banner with a width of 47.25″.
  • Blade Lite 1500The largest option, the 1500 displays a graphic that is 59″ wide.


The Rollup Retractable Banner Stand is a new product offering from SpeedPro.

The Rollup retractable banner stand is a new product offering from SpeedPro. It’s made to last and to look sleek and stylish. It features a durable, black metal base with adjustable feet and a three-piece bungee pole. The stand comes in a padded carrying case and is made to display a banner that is 32.9″x87.4″.


The Orient series offers some great affordable options. They include sturdy bases with adjustable feet and molded end caps for durability as well as a hybrid bungee/telescoping pole with a toolless quick rail. They also come with a padded bag for easy carrying. All Orient models are made to accommodate an adjustable graphic height of 60″ to 83.25″.

  • Orient 800: This model comes in both silver and black and holds a graphic 31.5″ wide.
  • Orient 800 Double SidedThis model offers the same specs as the Orient 800, but it only comes in silver and is made to hold two banners back-to-back.
  • Orient 850This model is available in silver and black. It is made to display a graphic that is 33.5″ wide.
  • Orient Organic 850: This model is the same size as the Orient 850, but it features an attractive maple woodgrain finish and plastic end caps.
  • Orient 920: The 920 model holds a 35.5″-wide banner. It comes in both silver and black
  • Orient 920 Double SidedThis model looks like the Orient 920, but it is made to display back-to-back banners for a double-sided effect. It comes only in silver.
  • Orient 1000This is the largest Orient model available. It comes in silver and black finishes and is made to accommodate a graphic that is 39.25″ wide.


Pacific retractable banner stands feature a silver base with a swivel foot and molded end caps along with a three-piece bungee pole. They also come with a carrying bag. All three models are made to display a graphic that is 83.75″ tall, but each offers different options for width. These options include:

  • Pacific 800This model is designed to hold a 31.5″ wide banner.
  • Pacific 920: The 920 is made for a graphic that is 35.5″ wide.
  • Pacific 1000The largest option is for a 39.25″ wide banner.


Contender banner stands feature a black base with a swivel foot and a three-piece bungee pole with an optional fourth pole for additional height. The standard graphic height is 77.5″, and with the extension, it is 105″. The Contender stands come with a carrying bag. The models feature different width options, which include:

  • Contender MiniThe Contender Mini comes in silver and black and is made to hold a 23.5″ wide banner.
  • Contender StandardThe Contender Standard is made to hold a banner that is 29.5″ wide. You can select silver or black.
  • Contender MegaThe Contender Mega comes in silver and black and can display a graphic that is 35.5″ wide.
  • Contender MonsterThe Contender Monster is especially large. It comes in black and can hold a banner that is 47.5″ wide.


The Elevate retractable banner stand features a black aluminum base with adjustable feet and chrome end caps. You can access the roller through a flip-top lid with a removable self-locking roller mechanism. It can display a graphic that is 33.25″ wide. The four-piece telescopic pole can adjust from 30.75″ up to 95.25″. The Elevate model comes with a five-year warranty.


Merlin is a new model, which comes with a one-year warranty. It’s a cassette retractable banner stand, so graphics are stored in their own cassettes which can be inserted into the banner stand. This means you can trade out the image whenever you need to. The base is silver with black end caps and features a hybrid bungee/ telescoping pole with a toolless quick rail. It displays a 33.5″ wide graphic that can be adjusted from 61.5″ to 87″ tall.


Premium models are more costly, but they appear high-end, are made from stronger metal and feature higher-quality internal mechanisms, which means they can be used heavily. Premium reusable retractable banner stands come with a lifetime warranty. They also come with more durable carrying cases that will stand up to plenty of travel.

Premium Retractable Banner Stand Options

Here are the premium options:


The Imagine series is made to accommodate a variable banner height from 30.5″ to 83.35″. The slick design includes a telescopic pole and a place to store it within the base, as well as a graphic tensioner. This model allows for various customizations, including an accessory channel and branding in the slide-in graphic channel at the base of the stand. Imagine models come with a high-quality EVA carrying bag. Width options include:

  • Imagine 800Accommodates a graphic that is 31.5″ wide.
  • Imagine 850: Displays a graphic that is 33.5″.


The Barracuda series comes with a silver base with adjustable feet as well as a hybrid bungee/telescoping pole with a toolless quick rail and a graphic tensioner. The height adjusts from 60″ to 83″. Like the Imagine models, Barracuda models offer the same customization in a graphic channel and accessory channel. These models also come with a bag.

  • Barracuda 600: This model displays a 23.5″ wide graphic.
  • Barracuda 800: This model is made for a graphic that is 31.5″ wide.
  • Barracuda 850The 850 model is made for a 33.5″ wide banner.
  • Barracuda 920: This model accommodates a graphic that is 35.5″ wide.
  • Barracuda 1200: The largest Barracuda option, this model is designed to display a banner that is 47.25″ wide.


Advance is a cassette banner stand that can be single or double-sided. It consists of a silver base with a telescopic pole and a place for pole storage in the base. It also includes a graphic tensioner, accessory channel and slide-in graphic channel at the base. It comes with a premium EVA bag. The Advance holds a banner that is 31.5″ wide. Height can be adjusted from 29.5″ to 83.35″.


Revolution is made from lightweight but durable white plastic.

Revolution is made from lightweight but durable white plastic for a sleek appearance. The base has adjustable feet, and the stand features a graphic tensioner, bungee/telescoping pole and toolless quick rail. The Revolution can accommodate a graphic that is 33.5″ wide and can adjust from 61.5″ to 86.5″ tall.


At SpeedPro Imaging, we offer a variety of retractable banner stand options so our customers can find the exact solution that meets their needs. Of course, no banner stand is complete without a banner to display. Contact us you to begin the process of creating eye-catching banners with the highest-quality materials, backed by the expertise of our designers and printers.


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