Top 5 Reasons Car-Wrapping Your Vehicle Boosts Your Business!

APRIL 19, 2019| SpeedPro Saint Petersburg



ATCO Pest Control commercial van wrap with a butterflyIn a competitive environment, advertising is essential. And for local businesses, making sure your advertising dollars are spent wisely is critical. As a result, the type of advertising you choose should be cost-effective, reach large volumes of potential customers, and provide a high return on investment. With this in mind, advertising your business through car-wrapping achieves all of these goals and many more. In fact, car-wrapping is one advertising strategy that has helped many businesses become a market leader in their field.

In the U.S. today, nearly 9 out of every 10 Americans drive a car. That means at any given time, a huge segment of your potential clientele is on the road. And with most cars averaging 15,000 miles a year, estimates suggest a single vehicle can make over 9 million impressions using car-wrapping. Without question, car-wrapping is an excellent way to spread the word about your business’ products and services. The following explains 5 major reasons why car-wrapping is one form of advertising you should strongly consider.

1. Car-Wrapping Targets a Naturally Captive Audience

It’s no secret that our attention span has shortened over the years. With data and information coming at us from all directions, we have less time to invest in any particular ad we see. This is particularly true of digital advertising where consumers can opt-out or click-away. But while driving, your consumer audience is naturally attentive to their surroundings. That’s why car- wrapping can attract between 30,000 and 80,000 views per day depending on the amount of time on the road! This offers a convincing reason why car-wrapping is such an effective advertising strategy.

2. Car-Wrapping Is the Ultimate in Mobile Advertising

Consumers today are on the move. Mobile devices are the norm, and similarly, mobile advertising on these devices have been recognized as an essential part of any marketing strategy. In fact, mobile advertising has been shown to boost brand awareness by nearly 50 percent! While advertising on mobile platforms might also be considered, car-wrapping offers a more organic way to achieve mobile marketing. With so many people on the move, doesn’t it only make sense that car-wrapping can tremendously boost visibility of your business?

3. Car-Wrapping Offers Excellent Branding Opportunities

If you want customers to have a loyalty for your business, brand consistency is essential. And nothing can help you create such consistency in your brand’s image than car-wrapping. At SpeedPro, we can create high-quality vehicle wraps that incorporate company logos and other images. And we can design your car-wrapping display to align with other aspects of your brand to make sure your business is memorable. When it comes to car-wrapping, think of this technique as another way to further expand your brand’s outreach.

4. Car-Wrapping Provides a Great Return on Investment

In many instances, advertising requires a periodic, regular investment in order to attain the best results. Whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook, or other forms of advertising, costs can add up quickly. With car-wrapping, however, you have a one-time expense that continues to provide great advertising results. In fact, car-wrapping has been estimated to cost only $44 for every million impressions! Getting these types of results with other forms of advertising is certainly not very likely.

5. Car-Wrapping Is the Best Way to Reach Local Customers

Especially for smaller businesses, car-wrapping allows the ability to reach local customers more effectively. This is essential for many companies in attracting consumers who might be most likely to use your services. And it permits companies without deep advertising pockets to better compete with larger companies. With this in mind, car-wrapping is actually one of the most organic ways that businesses can better target local patrons.

SpeedPro – Your Local Experts in Car-Wrapping Advertising

If you’re looking to boost your company’s sales through car-wrapping advertising, then look no further than SpeedPro. At SpeedPro, we offer the best in high-quality, large- format, digital imaging. And we have designed and created dozens of exceptional vehicle wraps for an array of businesses and clients. With a commitment to customer service and superior quality, we take pride in making sure you receive exactly the imaging services you need. As described, a number of reasons support why car-wrapping may be an ideal advertising strategy for your business. If so, then we would love an opportunity to help provide you with the ideal car-wrapping images that allow your business to succeed. From creative design, to advanced digital imaging, to installation, we are experts when it comes to car-wrapping services. Contact us today at SpeedPro in St. Petersburg and start realizing the advantages car-wrapping can provide your business.

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