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Planning an Event? Check out our Event Checklist for Print Needs!

MAY 16, 2019| SpeedPro Saint Petersburg



Planning an event requires not just tremendous time and energy, but it also involves being highly organized. Many moving pieces must fall into place at exactly the right time for a successful event to be realized. And a major component pertains to your event’s printing needs. As an integral part of your event’s brand, marketing, and communications, awesome graphics and prints can truly enhance all aspects of your event from start to finish.

At SpeedPro St. Petersburg, we appreciate the impact that big, bold, vivid print materials can make for your event. Therefore, we would like to provide you with an event checklist to help make sure all your event’s print needs are addressed so that your event is a true success. In addition to providing important information to event participants, printing is a great strategy for creating brand image and a cohesive marketing experience. Whether you are planning a festival, concert, trade show, or race, the following offers event printing needs that should be considered.

Design Your Event’s Print Graphics – For many events, especially those longstanding, graphic designs may already be in place to offer cohesive branding opportunities. But if not, creating a print design that defines your event and guides the participant experience is important. With this in mind, we at SpeedPro Petersburg can help with graphic designs as well as customized graphic creations that will help brand your event more effectively. And once established, other event printing needs can be much better defined and provided.

Event Promotional Printing – No matter what type of event you are planning, promotional efforts are essential. Many competing experiences exist today for participants, and large print promotional materials can really help boost awareness and attendance. While flyers, posters, and digital ads offer some outreach in this regard, larger print graphics are also important. Therefore, be sure to consider customized banners, flags and fabrics that can be used to create a buzz about your event. Not only can these be used before and during an event, but you may be able to utilize these promotional graphics annually for future events as well.

In-Event Marketing Printing – While promoting your event prior to its occurrence is critical, print graphics can also boost participant experience during the event. Trade shows, expos, and other vendor-based events are perfect examples of this. At SpeedPro Petersburg, we are experts in designing and printing customized tents, kiosks, and table tops to boost the impact you have during an event. The right printing can not only be visually attractive but also informative while strengthening brand image. This is another important printing consideration that can make your event’s success more likely.

Show Me a Sign – One of the most under appreciated printing needs for an event involves your event’s signage. Signs can certainly serve a promotional purpose in raising awareness and attention about your event. But at the same time, directional signage is essential so that the “flow” of the event goes smoothly. From restroom signage to parking, event booths, and other event locales, customized signage using vibrant print graphics can help ensure your event’s success. With both indoor and outdoor signage offerings as well as large-format graphics abilities, SpeedPro Petersburg can assist you in creating the exact signage your event needs.

High-Quality Printing and Graphics – An Essential Part of a Successful Event

Nearly all events have common objectives in mind. First and foremost, you want your event to be well attended while attracting a target audience that aligns with your brand and services. Secondly, you want to create an experience for event participants that leaves them feeling rewarded, entertained, and glad they attended. Without question, printing and graphics play an important role in helping you realize these objectives and ensuring your event will be successful.

With this in mind, SpeedPro St. Petersburg offers a wide range of services to help you create an awesome event. Large format printing and graphics are key components in event promotion while also serving to educate participants and create a brand image they will come to appreciate. From banners to signage, we can help you with all your small and large format printing and graphics needs when it comes to your event. With our vast knowledge and experience, as well as the best in large format printing equipment, SpeedPro St. Petersburg is your “go-to” printing source when it comes to custom events.

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