Teardrop Flags

Teardrop <span>Flags</span>

Teardrop Flags

The Teardrop banner stand outdoor flag comes with a single-sided custom print, stand and spike base. With the default spike base, use this tall flag on any grass or soft, penetrable ground. Upgrade to an X-base to use on any hard ground outside, such as concrete, or indoors (ceiling height permitting). The banner design is customized to your graphic artwork, and is printed on a polyester-blend mesh material by the process of dye sublimation. Our inks heavily saturate the material to create a “bleed-through” effect for our single-sided displays such as this one. For double-sided graphics a single large piece is created, folded and we place a silver-gray blockout material in the middle.  Black flag trim (pocket trim) is sewn on the edge of the graphic (pole-side), leaving a pocket for pole insertion. A set of grommets are installed on the bottom of the trim in which the short bungee cord (included) can loop through and snugly attach the graphic to the base. We offer the widest range and highest quality flags in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Pinellas County or just about anywhere!

We’ll work with you to develop the design and work with you to get the perfect finishing and application.

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Product Description

Our flags are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble.   They are hemmed all around and pole pocket on the stand side.  They are all printed using dye-sublimation on a polyester fabric ensuring a vibrant and long lasting print.   With all of these flags you have the option of an X-Base, X-Base with a Water Bag, Spike Base (default) or a full Water Base.


  • Display Heights:
    • Small: 8.2’H
    • Medium: 11’H
    • Large: 14.5’H
    • Extra Large: 15.75’H
  • Banner Sizes:
    • Small: 35″W x 72″H
    • Medium: 41″W x 97″H
    • Large: 40″W x 138″H
    • Extra Large: 46.5″W x 161″H

Looking for a different type of flag?

We offer a massive variety of banner options.  Pick from the list below to learn more or contact us directly if you have questions.  After all We Print Imagination!

Types of Flags

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