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Hometown Flare

MARCH 15, 2019| SpeedPro Saint Petersburg



SpeedPro – High Quality Printing and Graphics with a Hometown Flare.

With over 25 years in design experience and more than a decade of print expertise, SpeedPro Imaging is well recognized as a leader in large format printing. With more than 150 franchises, SpeedPro Imaging is established throughout Canada and the U.S. as exceptional in providing wide format graphics printing. But what you may not realize is the unique set of skills and talents each SpeedPro Imaging franchise brings to its community. This is where each SpeedPro Imaging location has a real chance to stand out and shine.

For those who have used SpeedPro Imaging services in St. Petersburg, the commitment to both service and quality is well appreciated. This family-owned and operated business not only serves the St. Petersburg area well, but they are longstanding members of the community. In addition to their passion for high-quality graphics and design, they believe in treating customers the way they want to be treated. And this is a major reason why SpeedPro Imaging is a commercial printing leader throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Family-Owned, Community Focused – A True Partner in Your Success

The St. Petersburg franchise of SpeedPro Imaging is relatively new to the community. Michael McKenny, his wife Holly, his father Vern and mother Aurora launched SpeedPro St. Petersburg on New Year’s Eve in 2015. But since that time, their success has been nearly immediate. A notable reason for this success can be attributed to the McKenny family’s commitment to their community. Even without a grand opening, their reputation attracted numerous clients in a very short time.

Though rare for St. Petersburg today, both Michael and Holly are native of the area. Michael’s parents attended and met at Eckerd College, and both Holly and Michael attended Gibbs High School where they originally met. Today, their two daughters attend high school in the area, and they are active participants in social events in town. Both of the McKenny daughters have inherited a strong sense of community and are also actively involved in several charitable and not-for-profit organizations. In other words, the McKenny’s take pride in their community in addition to the services they provide to the area.

For Michael, he has always had a passion for creativity and design. His early work in theatre and designing stage sets fostered his early skills in image design. And his prior career as an employee development leader deepened his commitment to quality and value-based service. He and his family now bring these passions to the graphic design and large format printing that SpeedPro St. Petersburg franchise provides.

What Can SpeedPro Do for You?

SpeedPro St. Petersburg is in the heart of the city offering both convenience and quality for its customers. From customized car, boat and fleet wraps, to banners, trade show displays and large event exhibits.  From full restaurant, resort, retail and commercial facility branding to schools, universities and government organizations. SpeedPro St. Petersburg offers the highest quality print graphics. In addition, SpeedPro St. Petersburg has invested in the latest and most advanced technologies to meet your printing needs. This allows Michael and his team of professionals to not only provide exceptional detail but likewise consistency in images across multiple print formats.

SpeedPro St. Petersburg can also handle any job regardless of the size. From small to large project needs, SpeedPro St. Petersburg can get the job done efficiently and professionally. In fact, Michael’s team handles several major printing needs for regional shopping malls as well as a variety of major commercial businesses. And, they are even recognized among other printing companies as being exceptional with roughly 40 percent of their business coming as wholesale printing requests.

While printing is certainly SpeedPro St. Petersburg’s area of expertise and experience, these are not the only services they provide. SpeedPro St. Petersburg also offers services involving world-class concept artists, illustrators, and graphic designers to help you create the exact message and brand for your company. They can even collaborate with you in creating marketing packages to attract the customer profile you are seeking. The quality, commitment and comprehensive services that SpeedPro St. Petersburg provides explains why they have attracted tremendous customer loyalty.

Quality Large Format Printing and Design Right in Your Own Back Yard

As Michael explains, he likes to think of SpeedPro St. Petersburg as the “Nordstrom of printing.” And based on their commitment to quality and precision printing equipment and design, this label helps describe what his franchise is about. But at the same time, Michael and his family treat everyone like a neighbor and colleague. It’s this honest, genuine respect that customers experience when they walk in the door at SpeedPro St. Petersburg. And between this and the advanced quality services provided, it is rather obvious why they choose to keep coming back.


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