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Tampa Bay: Best Place for Startups!

AUGUST 8, 2019| SpeedPro Saint Petersburg



The Secret Is Out! – Tampa and St. Pete Now Recognized Among the Best Places for Startups

For the 3 million people who live, work, and play in the Tampa Bay area, no one needs to tell them what an awesome place this is. Sunshine, world-class beaches, fine dining, and great entertainment venues are just a few of the reasons we love the area. But in addition to these attractions, the Tampa Bay area is increasingly being known as a great place for startups and entrepreneurs. In fact, major surveys have already targeted Tampa and St. Pete as being highly attractive in this regard.

It’s no big surprise that Tampa and St. Pete are receiving national attention when it comes to startups. A number of factors help make the region ideal for starting a new business. In addition to having relatively low-cost labor and office space, tax structures are also quite favorable. And believe it or not, the culture and infrastructure supporting startups have expanded greatly in the Tampa Bay area. These are just a few of the reasons that startups are increasingly looking to launch here. 

Recent National Recognition as a Startup Mecca

Not long ago, Forbes cited the Tampa Bay area as being #2 out of the ten best places for young entrepreneurs to locate. But most recently, conducted a survey among 100 of the largest U.S. cities. The survey examined the cost of doing business, the business environment, and accessibility to resources using 19 different metrics. In the final analysis, Tampa ranked #5 and St. Pete #14 among the cities included. That’s pretty impressive!

Both Tampa and St. Pete received high marks when it came to having reasonable business costs. But the actual business climate was also recognized as being exceptional. Specifically, key metrics such as average small business growth, 5-year survival rate, and industry variety were all seen as being favorable for the area. Of course, that‘s something we at SpeedPro St. Petersburg have long recognized during our years in business here. 

It’s Not Just the Incredible Vibe that Is So Attractive

For those of us who live here, the underlying culture and rhythms of Tampa and St. Pete are some of the things we love the most. We have our own little “west coast” vibe going on, and many would like to keep it a secret. But what you may not realize is that over 150 tech startups have already decided to call the Tampa Bay area their home. And many other startups are increasingly making this choice as well. However, it’s not just the cool scene that is bringing them to Tampa and St. Pete.

One of the most significant reasons startups are finding St. Pete and Tampa quite attractive is the fact both are undersaturated markets. In other words, the potential for growth is tremendous while the infrastructural costs are relatively low. This as well as world-class talent in a variety of sectors is quite enticing for many startups. Institutions like USF, the Moffitt Cancer Center, and an array of up-and-coming technology companies highlight the area’s potential. This combined with professional sports teams and the lifestyle, it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs are moving here. 

Major Initiatives in Tampa Bay Targeted Startups

Jeff Vinik, owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, is well recognized for his work and philanthropy in the area. But in addition, he is spearheading efforts to attract more startups to the region as well. Specifically, his Water Street Tampa Bay Project includes dedicated space for startup incubators and accelerators. It also includes Embarc Collective, an innovation lab offering forums, coaching, and resource access for new startups. 

Tampa Bay has also been the host for one of the biggest regional conferences to promote and attract startups to the region. Synapse Summit boasts more than 5,000 attendees each year and offers a place where incubators, entrepreneurs, accelerators, and investors can interact and connect. With these types of attractions available, it’s no surprise many are seeing Tampa and St. Pete as startup hotspots. 

SpeedPro St. Petersburg Can Help Launch Your Startup

Naturally, we welcome all entrepreneurs and startups to the area because we love to share how great Tampa and St. Pete are! But likewise, we at SpeedPro St. Petersburg have all the graphics resources your startup needs to get off on the right foot. From corporate branding, to large graphics, to signage, to car wraps, we offer the highest quality imaging and graphics around. And our team of professionals can help you design and create a variety of graphics to help you achieve success. If you’ve made the wise decision to launch your business in St. Pete or Tampa, come visit us. We would love to be your partner in helping you realize your dream while further enhancing this great community in which we live. 

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