Expolinc Pop-Up Magnetic

Expolinc Pop-Up <span>Magnetic</span>

It’s never been easier to build a dynamic display

Combine structures and build your environment without limitations. Pick and choose from straight and curved structures of different heights to create your custom set. All parts are assembled without tools and each structure stands by itself, which makes it the best in class for ease of setup. Ready-made packages are also available with different packing solutions.

  • The world’s easiest Pop Up to set up
  • Flexible heights, widths and curves
  • Unlimited possibilities to customize your look


  • When folded up the Pop Up takes minimum space.
  • A complete stand assembled without tools.
  • Pop Up Magnetic Tower is an effective way to create 360o exposure.
  • Flat sides on Pop Up Magnetic is an easy to use option. Simply snap on with magnetic bars to get a stylish finish on your display.
  • Profile used to create flat sides on Pop Up Magnetic, easy to mount without tools
  • Click to connect any two Pop Up Magnetic structures. Straight and 90° connections are available.
  • Add a shelf to display your products on a back-wall. No tools needed.
  • With the Screen Holder for Pop Up Magnetic you can show your product videos on screens weighing up to 8 kg.
  • Display your products in a showcase, placed in the best viewing height. Connecting showcases can easily be added.
  • Professional LED lighting kit for the showcase.
  • Stabilizing feet increases the stability depending on configuration.
  • Attach a curtain profile easily with Velcro to create a separate storage room.
  • Use different magnetic bars and structures to reach a Pop Up of 2,5 and 3 m height (98” and 118”).
  • Connect any two Pop Up Magnetic to create a sharp 90° angle with a discreet profile.
  • Best in class LED spotlights are standard in the Pop Up packages. 15W 1200 lumens.
  • Panel Case is available as an optional accessory. The panels are well protected in a padded nylon bag with carrying handle. Diameter 360 mm.
  • The Standard Case holds a complete Pop Up stand and converts quickly into a stylish counter.


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