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We at SpeedPro St. Petersburg are proud to be on the cutting edge in the United States by offering products to help protect our feathered friends in the sky.

Our Feather Friendly® product was developed approximately 15 years ago and is on its 8th generation. It is a proprietary product using 3M materials in the final product. Toronto was the first city in the world to develop Safe Building by-laws regarding bird conservation. Toronto is in a migratory bird path and has experienced major bird fatalities due to collisions with glass buildings. In that 15 years we have sold our solution globally with great success in reducing and eliminating bird collisions.

We have four styles.

  1. City Scape – 4″x 4″ pattern which meets minimum code here in Toronto
  2. Rain – 4″ x 2″ pattern which meets the scientific community recommendation
  3. Symmetry – 2″ x 2″ pattern which is optimum in the prevention of bird collisions
  4. Harmony 2” x 2” pattern – Symmetry offset

This product is approved and endorsed by FLAP Canada (Fatal Light Awareness Program) and ABC – American Bird Conservancy for the prevention of bird / window collisions. This product is for new construction as well as retrofit projects.

Feather Friendly – Project Recognition Program

The Project Recognition Program is a great way to educate people about the problem of bird-glass collisions, and to demonstrate how to combat the problem.  As a participant in our Program, we send you:

  • A Case Study – a story about your organization that brings awareness to the issue.  We are happy to include all parties involved: the client, architect, builder, volunteers, etc.
  • A Window Graphic – fully customizable, made with your organization’s logo.
  • A Certificate of Appreciation – a recognition plaque that is ready to hang!
  • Social Media Project Promotion—Photos of your building help spread the word, and show how you are making a difference.

Best of all, our Project Recognition Program costs you nothing!  We are happy to send you any and all of these materials for free as a way to spread awareness about the problem and what can be done to solve it.  We will work with you on what you want your custom-made graphic to look like; you need only send an image of your company/organization logo.

Contact SpeedPro St. Petersburg today to learn how you can help protect our avian friends and become Feather Friendly!


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