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Vehicle Wraps in San Antonio

With more than 1.3 million people calling a major city like San Antonio home, businesses have multiple opportunities to get their brand in front of new customers. One increasingly popular way of doing so is through custom vehicle wraps, as the nation’s wrapping industry is expected to double in revenue from $480 million in 2016 to $1.3 billion in 2022.

If you’re looking to create a custom wrap for your own car or fleet, SpeedPro Imaging San Antonio will help you do it the right way! Our visual communication experts can develop solutions for all kinds of vehicles, from cars to trucks to vans to even boats! We’ve been assisting businesses in the area for more than a decade, so you likely won’t find another studio that holds the insights we do.

Why Custom Vehicle Wraps?

Not just Texans admire big and bold displays — research has shown that many people find attractive vehicle advertising incredibly engaging.

A single wrap can produce between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day, and a large chunk of those carry a lasting impression. About 97 percent of drivers are likely to remember the services and products advertised on vehicle graphics, compared to only 19 percent for billboards. Additionally, 27 percent of drivers purchase products and services based on what they see from vehicle advertising.

If that’s not enough, they’re also cost-friendly! For every 1,000 impressions, wraps cost about $0.70, which trumps a slew of other advertising methods. For example, primetime TV slots average $20.54, and quarter-page ads in the newspapers average $11.66.

Find the Best Fit: Partial and Full Vehicle Wraps

Your custom vehicle wrap should accurately reflect your company’s messages and tone, and we’ll work diligently to create a unique solution that satisfies your expectations.

In addition to our experience in the industry, we also have access to top-tier printing technology and long-life inks thanks to our partnership with the nation’s biggest large format graphics provider. All that combined, and we complete our projects quickly, efficiently and properly.

When you partner with SpeedPro, you can choose between full vehicle wraps, which coat your vehicle from bumper to bumper, and partial ones, which focus on a particular area. The former is what provides the full 3D billboard experience, while the latter gives impact through a more cost-effective approach.

We’ll work closely with you to solidify the design process, as we can help determine the graphics and select the materials to be used for the printing process.

When we’re prepared for installation, we simply ask that you have your vehicle thoroughly washed in order to remove any residual materials — like grease and dirt — that might interfere with the process. We can then schedule a time for you to drop it off at our studio.

Vehicle Advertising by Your Printing Partner in San Antonio

Contact us today to discuss the best time for our consultation and get an appointment set up. You can also come visit our studio, located just off of Isom Road, near the San Antonio International Airport and Interstate 410.


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