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3 Keys for Retail Window Clings

JUNE 21, 2018| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula


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Attracting Prospective Shoppers

A display that stops a passerby and makes them want to enter the store is what every retailer on a pedestrian mall location wants, right? So what makes a retail window stand out?  What draws a busy traveler to stop and shop? What catches not just the eye, but grabs an emotional hook?

Whenever we have the opportunity to print and/or install point-of-purchase (POP) graphics for our client DFS International or the various high-end brands that we’ve come to work with through them, we always learn something about branding and retail walk-by attraction.

Here are three key lessons…

… we picked up in our recent install of window graphics for the J’adore perfume line from Dior Fragrances.

  1. Don’t crowd the composition – the art direction is clean and uncluttered on Dior’s signage, matching the elegance of the Point of Sale displays inside the store.  Why do leading brands like Apple, Chipotle, Whole Foods and Nike — as different as their product and industry may be — share this same light look with lots of “negative space?”  Because it works and doesn’t assault the viewer eye with brand bombing.  At SpeedPro we’re not a design house or agency, but as large format experts, we’re happy to consult on what may work for your brand,
  2. Get the colors right — spot on.  Especially in fashion, fragrance and food, but really for all product and skin shots, it’s essential to make sure the colors are right and share a “common visual appearance” with other printed material.  That’s why we’re G7 certified.
  3. Just the right amount of sex appeal.  This is not a universal rule, but an observation.  We’ve all seen it overdone, to the point of thinking to ourselves… “Really? They’re going there… spare me!” But we’re human and our eyes are drawn to beautiful figures, faces and compositions. Done right.

Help Your Windows Draw in Customers with Top Quality Graphics

At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, we love the variety in our business: from multitudes of panels for industry trade shows, to fleet wraps, to stretched canvas prints for a restaurant chain… it keeps us learning and having fun.  Feel free to bring us a project (even if it’s puny and personal), we’ll probably take away a few new key learnings.

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