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3 Ways to Uplevel Your Office Without a Big (Expensive) Remodel

SEPTEMBER 18, 2017| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



With more data emerges connecting an engaging workplace environment to increased staff productivity and satisfaction, more companies are investing in workplace remodels, which can come with a daunting price tag.

The average cost of an office overhaul can can cost a lot…just Google it! Not only do workplace remodels demand a major  investment, they’re also  time-intensive and can mean days or weeks of employee downtime.

There are options to significantly transform your office space without the big price tag. Find the right graphics firm to partner with, and you’ll quickly reap the benefits of a more vibrant, productive work space.

Here are 3 ways SpeedPro of SF Peninsula can instantly update your office environment:

1. Glass and Architectural Finishes

Glass features add a contemporary, hi-end touch to any office environment, but you can even take them up a notch with glass finishes for architectural signage.  Full panels or contour cut patterns of frosted vinyl add privacy to glass doors and windows – perfect for conference rooms and offices. Decorative films from top manufacturers like 3M, Avery and Orafol can make your glass look etched, sandblasted or textured for additional eye-catching character.

With hundreds of striking architectural surface finishes, SpeedPro can replicate popular looks and customize as you’d like. Printed textures such as wood, metal and stone are the perfect way to transform your office into a luxurious, multi-dimensional space.

2. Dimensional Projects

2D elements are great, but adding another layer to your overall work space goes a long way in keeping clients delighted and employees engaged . Three-dimensional signage makes your company’s images and branding elements literally pop. With SpeedPro’s cutting-edge technology, industry-leading materials and expert advice, you’re assured high quality, durable pieces that will last for years.

We use a variety of different materials such as acrylic, foam core, metal and wood that serve myriad decorative and functional needs. We have solutions for outdoor and indoor signage, so depending on your need for branding, communication, way-finding or adding a level of visual excitement to an otherwise tired space, we’ve got options.

3. Experiential and Environmental Design Graphics

Environmental and experiential graphics elevate your space by creating an immersive, exciting space for employees. From pictorial wall murals to displaying the company mission, these graphics become the ideal centerpiece of your space. On-point messaging and cool images inspire employees and instill a sense of pride and purpose for the company where they work.

At SpeedPro, our architectural and glass finishes, dimensional designs and environmental graphics solutions can instantly update your office space. With techniques that are a cost-effective and time-efficient, it’s a great way to transform your office, while  engage your employees, reinforce the brand and solidifying company culture.

Contact us to learn more about your options and see what we’ve done for others here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whatever your vision is for your space, we’ll make it happen!

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