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An Easy Conference Room Makeover

APRIL 16, 2016| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula


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From dull to delightful

Is that even the same room? That thought came to mind when we looked at the before and after photos of the conference room we had helped renovate. The framed motivational posters are gone and the table cloth out of the 70’s is nowhere to be seen. In its place, the team at SpeedPro of SF Peninsula printed and  installed a wall mural featuring  a scenic shot of the New York skyline — fitting since the conference room is named the NYC Room, although it’s actually in Southern California.  Go figure!

printed wallscape
“After” — bringing the outside in


They say your environment influences how you function and we couldn’t agree more. When a work environment is uninspired, it’s difficult for employees to garner the motivation for inspired work. Workers always want to advance to the next best thing.  If the employees feel the company is stuck in the old ages, the work may be stagnant as the room.  This is where certain kinds of office makeovers can provide a more stimulating environment without a big hit to the wallet. And that’s where SpeedPro can come in, given our vast experience in working with companies large and small to quickly and cost-effectively convert spaces from painful to pretty cool.

drab conference room
Gloomy “before”

Every company has limits on funds and needs to smartly allocate financial resources. Our client didn’t have anywhere near the budget to do a full blown remodel, but with some new shutters, a coat of paint and a fantastic new cityscape mural — custom printed and installed by SpeedPro — they got maximum impact for the investment. They had to settle for the same old banks of florescent lights, but we’re sure that those will get upgraded to nice LEDs before too long! One step at a time, as the saying goes.

Show your staff that you care

You may be facing a need to show your employees that you care. Sometimes it’s not all about money and perks. It’s about how they feel when they’re at work. At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, we work with our clients to meet their needs.  If modernizing your work-space is something you would like, we definitely have ideas and production capabilities to help you do that. If parts of your workplace still feel like you’re in the 70’s and 80’s…get out with our help … and everyone will appreciate it!

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