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Badging the Green Nozzle Talkers

JUNE 30, 2015| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula


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Propel Fuels point-of-purchaseAs a leading provider of specialty signage and grand format printing, SpeedPro provides a wide variety of custom products. But among the most unusual for us are…

Pump toppers, hose hangers and nozzle talkers…

These may sound like Dr. Seuss characters, but they’re actually items that are used in automotive fueling stations. At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, we regularly print and customize these for one of our favorite clients, Propel Fuels. Propel provides high-quality renewable fuels while promoting their clean mobility initiative throughout the state. Recently, they had an exciting new project: the unveiling of a new fuel line, Diesel HPR, at all of their pump locations in Northern California.

The undertaking included, but was definitely not limited to, posters, decals, flags, lawn signs, vinyl wraps, buttons – and let us not forget, the pump toppers, hose hangers, and nozzle talkers! We also coordinated installs with their scheduled fuel introductions at all pump locations – which took us from Sacramento all the way down to Fresno. Next month, the project continues, as we head down to Southern California to launch Diesel HPR at 13 stations. We’re ready!

Do you have a unique point-of-purchase challenge?

We’d love to talk and help you answer it. With our extensive configuration of printing, laminating and finishing equipment and vast inventory of specialty vinyl and materials, SpeedPro is up to the task of solving demanding or unusual needs. Whether you need hanging banners, bollard-mounted posters, retail shelf-talkers or a fully wrapped freezer, we’ll make it happen.

Check out some of the unusual wraps in our Portfolio and feel free to contact us online or give us a call at: (650) 662-5450

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