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NOVEMBER 27, 2012| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, we’re always looking to expand our stock of eco-friendly materials and sustainable display and graphics products.  We are excited to offer several new substrate and banner options that can be tossed into your regular recycling bin after use…guilt free!

Sustainable Substrates

EcoLogic Solvent 16 oz. Recyclable Banner is a 100% recyclable, multi-use vinyl banner material.  It  is printable on one side and is compatible with our Latex or Eco-Solvent digital inks. This product is intended for indoor and outdoor use up to about one year. Unlike other products that claim to be recyclable, EcoLogic is categorized as a Resin Code 7, allowing it to be truly recycled as other products such as glass, paper, etc.

SpeedPro has tested this material and we’re pleased with the results.  The material is scrim based (webbing between the material that adds strength to the banner) which makes it ideal for all conditions, and renders well saturated, punchy colors.

Another eco-friendly product is a fantastic substrate known as Enviroboard® MR (Moisture Resistant) — an exceptional multi-ply, water-resistant, green alternative to traditional foam board and corrugated plastic boards. This product can be used as a mounting substrate or as direct print to substrate, on two sides.  Uses include indoor Point of Purchase displays and upright and hanging sign applications.  Enviroboard® MR is 100% recyclable and comprised of 10% PCW (post-consumer waste).  Available in thicknesses are 1/8”-1/4”.

If you’ve been to a recent event or trade show, you may have noticed Falconboard signs.  This is a rigid substrate that functions like heavy duty 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″ foamboards like Gatorboard , except the foam is replaced with a honeycomb core of kraft board. This creates a cost-effective green solution for mounting applications…and some people really like the funky “cut corrugated box” look of the open cell sides.  Falconboard has high rigidity, cost effective pricing, is lightweight and 100% recyclable.

SpeedPro also has an array of PVC-free wall papers, including super-green Dreamscape Terralon™ a product made with polyester/natural fiber technology containing over 31% recycled materials. Terralon™combines Type II durability and a Class “A” fire rating in a new highly breathable, recyclable wallcovering.

Try one of these eco-friendly materials for your next job or come by and check them out at our studio in San Carlos.  We would love to show you first hand just how fabulously guilt-free you could feel while still getting your message out there!

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