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Do We Print on Canvas? – Of course, but not like the discount shops

MARCH 11, 2013| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



Why Canvas?

Canvas prints are a great option for everything from a corporate lobby to an office to a trade show.  Stretched printed canvases– especially “gallery wraps” where the artwork extends around the stretcher bars replacing a traditional frame — display photographs or digital artwork in a stylish, artistic way.

Unlike some mass production online operations, SpeedPro’s canvas printing is highly customized, and we work to ensure that both the layout and color profiling suit your needs.  Whether you want to push the saturation and resolution toward a more “painterly” look or keep the image photo-sharp, we’ll make it happen.  We also ensure that there is sufficient image bleed so that the “wrap around” portion of the photo is an extension of the imagery; and we’ll warn you if the proposed cropping won’t cut it — or literally will cut it rather painfully as the case may be.

Options Galore

SpeedPro offers nearly any size stretcher bar framing system.  Whether you want one or one hundred we can accommodate an order of any size, dimension, bar thickness or quantity.  For smaller sized prints, a 3/4″ deep wooden stretcher bar is fine, but for larger prints we recommend a depth of 1.25″ or 1.5″, which provides an offset more in keeping with the scale of the print. Gallery wrap prints are easy to hang, too. The frame can be spanned with a traditional hanging wire, or you can simply hang directly off of the frame itself.

Our 72” Roland printer produces the richly colored, quality photographic reproductions and our coated printable canvas has a great combination of texture and print-ability.

Contact Us in San Carlos, CA

So whether you’re creating a mini-gallery for a show, or just want a prized photo in the hall, consider canvas. And to do it right, come to SpeedPro of SF Peninsula in San Carlos. Call us at 650-596-3444 or contact us online.

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