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If Walls Could Talk … Printed Wall Graphics Shout!

MAY 11, 2012| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



Wall graphics are hot.

There are huge opportunities lying hidden in alcoves or “hiding in plain sight” along vast stretches of interior wall space.  Maybe it’s time to get rid of that handful of meaningless framed things dotting a hallway and create a wall mural to tell your story.

SpeedPro of San Francisco Peninsula recently completed a project for Shamiko Design on behalf of the Redwood Shores Public Library branch.  A little used alcove area was turned from a forgotten space into an undersea wonder world.  With its location along the tidal waterways of Redwood Shores, the library carries an aquatic theme throughout its architecture, interior design and displays for children or adults.  The new wallscape features larger than life clownfish and other underwater life prompting one of the first young admirers to point and exclaim: “look, Mommy, it’s Nemo!!” For this project we used an Avery wall vinyl with permanent adhesive and a gloss liquid laminate to provide the surface a wet, shiny look.

There are many different materials and approaches that can be taken for custom wallscapes, depending on size, permanence and desired finish.  We’ve all seen the commercial murals that decorate airports, malls and civic structures.  Most of these are designed for short term use, and are printed on adhesive backed vinyl for quick installation and removal.  We’ve even created event signage that was directly applied to the walls and elevator doors of the conference venue instead of using posters.  With low tack adhesive, these were safely removed after a few days without pulling off paint or leaving a sticky residue. There’s also several printable, adhesive backed fabrics with a subtle weave and elegant look.  They print beautifully, can be applied and left in place for years or easily removed and even re-used in certain cases.

For more permanent wall treatments, papering with custom digitally printed wallpaper is a dynamic way to carry atmospheric or brand messaging to employees and customers. There are a wide range of textured and smooth papers that meet building safety codes and are applied like other commercial wallcoverings the traditional, old fashioned way – with paste applied to the back and hung by some skilled, professional wallpaper people!

So if you’re feeling daring and want to work on a big canvas, let the walls talk – or swim as the case may be. Call us at 650.596.3444 and we’ll dive right in.

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