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Is Your Graphics Marketing Strategy Ready for 2019?

DECEMBER 14, 2018| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



It’s Resolution Time!

2018 is rapidly coming to a close. With the New Year will come resolutions, optimism and renewed focus. But this time, turn your good intentions into actions, not just words. There is no better time than the end of a year to examine your marketing efforts and budget and for the coming year, and SpeedPro of SF Peninsula can help you execute on that vision.

Promote Your Enterprise Outside of the Workplace

We have discussed promotional materials in other SpeedPro blog posts, and it’s still worth considering for your business.  But how do you ensure that your “swag” is going to stand out and not get thrown away or lost like the usual key chains, pens and caps? Custom printed, unique give-aways can set you apart and be more memorable. We’ve done unique labels for spirits or soft drinks, decals and contour cut items that are one-of-a-kind.

Maybe this is the year to invest in advertising your business 24/7 on something people are sure to see: your company’s vehicles. Really go for it in the new year and consider this great marketing technique if you haven’t already branded your fleet.  The ROI is amazing, and wherever your employees travel, they carry your branding message forward.

Inspire Innovation within the Office

Environmental graphics and decor can be a key element in keeping your workforce feeling involved at work. Wall graphics give employers an opportunity to build a cohesive look that reinforces branding and values. Adding inspirational statements or key brand messages around the office can remind employee’s that they’re appreciated and it provides a sense of community. It can actually improve an employee’s day!

These are just a few of the ways that you can change the dynamic of your business for 2019 — not only in the workplace but outside of it as well . We have a staff of experts here at SpeedPro in San Carlos who can brainstorm with you for new ideas. Give us a call at 650.596.3444 and let us help you with your next project!

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