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Local Eagle Scout Promotes Lagoon Safety

AUGUST 18, 2020| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Here at SpeedPro of SF Peninsula we love our community and take pride in helping local clubs and organizations. Even when faced with a global pandemic, we believe in the power of community and the importance of working together toward a common goal.

One recent project we got involved with ended with new, updated safety signage, donated by SpeedPro and installed along the Foster City waterfront and outdoor recreation areas.

Luke Chang, a lifelong Foster City resident and #EagleScout candidate, wanted to make a positive impact on his community and decided to focus his Eagle Scout Project on the local lagoons.

Foster City’s lagoon meanders five miles throughout the City’s beautiful neighborhoods creating waterfront views for many residents and giving people the opportunity to participate in many water-based activities. Water sports on the lagoon are popular year round, however, during the summertime months, this beautiful place becomes even more crowded with an influx of people coming to Foster City to enjoy the cooler weather and parks. As a result, the lagoons, especially the areas zoned for water sports like boating and windsurfing, become crowded and sometimes even dangerous. Different types of watercraft, swimmers, windsurfers and kite-boarders all compete for the same water space and unfortunately, accidents can happen.

Foster City Safety Sign Installation

Growing up in Foster City, Luke was always drawn to the water and early on, discovered the sport of Dragon Boat racing. Lucky for Luke, Foster City is home to, not one, but two outrigger canoe clubs- The Bay Area Dragons and Ho’okahi Pu’uwai Outrigger Canoe Club. For those of you not familiar with the sport, Dragon boat racing is a traditional Chinese paddled watercraft activity that has been around for more than 2000 years, originating from China’s southern Guangdong Province. Similar to crew boats, they are long, skinny and quite unstable, allowing the boat to move much faster through the water.

Safety Sign at Foster City lagoon

Earlier this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread and social distancing became the norm, Luke decided he wanted to focus his Eagle Scout project on preserving the lagoon for future public use by creating and installing new safety signage.

Luke went to the City of Foster City’s Parks and Recreation Office and let them in on his plans. They thought it was a great idea and were excited to point him in the right direction. Having worked with the city on many projects over the years, the city gave Luke our contact information as a potential printing partner.

Like Luke, we also believe in the #PowerOfCommunity and wanted to help him reach his goal of becoming an Eagle Scout. Naturally, we were happy to help and decided to donate the signs. Working together, Luke and our team at SpeedPro of SF Peninsula created and printed new safety signs that now adorn the banks of the Foster City Lagoon, keeping visitors and residents safe and able to enjoy our shared outdoor playground for years to come.

Thank you Luke and Troop 47 for your contribution to The City of Foster City and our larger Bay Area community!



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