Mesh Banner Blows Away Wind Slits

OCTOBER 24, 2012| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



How do you deal with large banners in windy conditions?

Speedpro’s  new mesh wind banner material is receiving rave reviews from our customers! If you’re faced with a windy situation – on a construction fence, scaffold or sound tower, use our strong, imprintable 60% mesh to let the wind (or sound, as the case may be) pass through.   SpeedPro can print your advertising graphic and message directly on a mesh surface that allows wind to pass through it, eliminating the need for unsightly wind vents or pockets.  According to multiple industry studies, those ugly “smiley face” U-shaped cutouts on banners really don’t really do much of anything to eliminate the effects of wind, and often only lead to failure of the banner, leaving only the placebo illusion that somehow the “wind slits” were supposed to have helped. Don’t be fooled by illusions and get the right material for the job.

This versatile product can be used for outdoor banners, fence wraps, commercial build-out wraps and a multitude of other outdoor applications. Keep mesh wind banner in mind for Northern California’s breezy winter weather.

As with all materials, mesh isn’t perfect for all situations.  Since only a portion of the image is printed on mesh media, a strong back light will tend to diminish the visual impact. Sometimes it’s perfect, sometimes it ain’t.  Call us today or send an email to info[at] and we’ll be happy to consult.  That’s what we’re here for.

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