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New Quarter, New Look: Welcome Your Employees Back With New Office Branding

APRIL 1, 2021| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

One of the best ways to welcome your employees back to the office is with fresh, clean office branding and open hearts!

Vibrant, updated graphics do more than boost employee moral- they also levels up your company’s professionalism and create a unique experience for anyone visiting. They also offer an easy way to encapsulate your brand and project your business’s culture throughout the building.

When thinking about updating the office, it’s important to remember that you’ve got a lot to work with. Every surface is a potential surface to brand. This includes conference rooms, entryway walls, empty hallways and even elevators. Below are two recent office branding projects to get your creative juices flowing.

Conference Rooms

Add some spice to your mundane, white conference room walls! What better way to brighten up the room than with a bold wall mural or interesting (and functional!) window graphics?! A vinyl wall mural is a versatile product that can be used for short term events (special meeting?) and longer term, more permanent branding. Welcome your visiting counterparts with custom walls made just for them! For longer term use, how about taking one of your brands’ primary colors and covering a single wall in the conference room? A bold choice that elevates the mood of anyone in the room.

Etched glass and frosted crystal vinyl are excellent options for increased privacy and the prevention of accidental collisions (we’ve all been there…).

Below is a recent project we did for a local engineering corporation. They came to us with just this problem- people walking into (and through!) the glass conference room walls. Our solution was simple. Add some modern, geometric graphics to the conference room walls and apply a distinguishing logo to the door, making it much easier to identify the entrance.


Any blank wall in your office should be considered valuable, marketing real estate. For example, Airkit asked us to help them brand their office and this is what we did Using their brand colors, we added a few different accent walls throughout their space, brightening up the area and making use of their extra wall space.  We branded other walls with just their logo, for a clean aesthetic.

The bold use of color created a cohesive experience for their employees and visitors to enjoy.

Walls are a great place to start if you’re thinking about something similar for your space. Our in-house designers are here to answer any questions and help make your ideas come to life.

Elevators and Hallways

Elevators and hallways are two commonly forgotten areas in your office that also happen to high traffic areas. People are walking down hallways and getting in elevators many times a day, making these places ripe for company branding.  Don’t neglect these valuable spaces, letting them go blank and unused- brand them with your colors, logo or mission statement!

Again, we offer a range of different products and materials depending on your specific use case and how long you’d like your graphics to last. Let our designers walk you though our options and help you decide which direction to go.

If you’re not inspired yet, get in touch and we can help make your ideas a reality!

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