HP Scitex FB500 printer

Our New Direct Printing “Flatbed” System is Humming

JUNE 25, 2013| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

What’s a flatbed large format printer?

We generally try not to talk about machinery on this blog. Speeds and feeds can be boring, and at the end of the day our clients are more interested in the WHAT than the HOW. That being said, in April we were delighted to take delivery of the latest addition to our display production arsenal – an HP Scitex FB500 system. Oh yeah!

FlatBoy, as the machine has been nicknamed, uses UV cured inks to print directly on a huge variety and thickness of material. When it’s appropriate, we can now print directly to foam boards (Foamcore, Ultraboard, Gatorfoam, etc.), PVC panels (Sintra), aluminum panels (Dibond, etc.), corrugated plastic, acrylic, wood, metal, acoustic ceiling panels and just about anything else you can imagine.

Flexible and Fast – UV direct-to-substrate printing

The flexibility of being able to either print and mount as we have done in the past, or print directly to these substrates gives us options. So we can always recommend the best approach for any job. Direct printing provides a speed which helps us with our well known quick turnarounds. And the accuracy of edge-to-edge printing on panels allows us to print a variety of tight tolerance panels for exhibits and trade shows and know that everything will fit perfectly together when assembled.

The FB500 is also a hybrid printer, so we can print roll-to-roll materials such as banner or adhesive vinyl as well. The added capacity and capability allows us to say “yes” to even more things, and deliver with speed, color accuracy and quality. If you haven’t been by recently, come check it out! It whooshes, it whirrs, it hums.  And it prints great looking stuff!

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