Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Displays in San Carlos

Many times, you’ll go to trade shows or corporate events in order to let the community know about your business and invite them to visit you at your building or office. In some cases, that isn’t enough to secure a sale or business partnership. Sometimes, you want to complete the entire transaction right then and there — catch the interest, make a deal and seal the sale. These are the times when a personalized point of purchase display, or POP display, will be what you’re looking for.

Some businesses more than others prefer to make fast deals or in-the-moment decisions. If this kind of work sounds like you and you’re looking for a custom POP display to represent your brand, reach out to us! SpeedPro Imaging of SF Peninsula will create the display you need to persuade guests to invest in your brand.

If your company or organization is located in or around the area of San Carlos, contact us now! We’ll meet with you to further discuss the needs of your business in terms of promotion and brand visibility.

Backlit POP Displays for Your Marketing Goals

To make your business thrive, you must create the perfect personalized POP display. Because it’s the face of your company, you need it to show off your best features and underline what separates you from the competition. You’ll never know who is passing by and critiquing your display — and if they’re looking to invest that day!

With custom POP displays, your business can have an eye-catching presentation that leads to a persuasive pitch and quick profit.

A great feature for POP displays is their ease of assembly. Don’t worry about wasting too much time in setting up a display — our mobile and portable displays allow you to set up and tear down in just mere minutes. Our team takes the time to customize displays specific to your brand. We also make sure to know the dimensions of your display area, ensuring that your setup will fit in the right amount of space.

SpeedPro Imaging of SF Peninsula offers multiple features and options for your custom POP display that include but are not limited to:

  • Attachable shelving
  • Backlit graphics
  • Easel standups
  • Fabric panels
  • Kiosks
  • Step and repeat banners
  • Tablet stands
  • Vinyl cutouts

Whether you choose a sampling of these options or all the ones listed, these elements will shape the success and impact of your POP display. Use many of these graphics and banners to promote specific products, allowing you to grab the attention of people passing by and encouraging interaction with your display.

As with many products at SpeedPro, our team values durability and portability. We offer a variety of vinyl graphics options, such as cut-out displays, banners and backlit graphics, which can be used for multiple showings and appearances. With the addition of our fade-resistant ink technology, your display will vividly capture the eye as people walk by.

You can upgrade your personalized POP display with the addition of lighting options such as adjustable spotlights, LEDs and backlit graphics. Use these lights to help guide the attention of your customers and shine on some of the best features in your display.

Your Printing Partner for Custom POP Displays in San Carlos

Our studio works directly with you to accurately feature the best-selling aspects of your business. Call us today, and we’ll set up a consultation right away!

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