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Merchandising displays are an essential magnet to draw shoppers and turn lookers into buyers. Whether it’s called Point of Purchase (POP) or Point of Sale (POS), presentation signage and showcases are key ingredients for successful commerce. At SpeedPro in San Carlos, we work with retailers, wholesalers, and distributors to help them attract shoppers, highlight features or visually enhance brand elements. A POP-oriented display is also great to lure passers-by to booths at trade shows or community events. Whether your goal is to inform and spur conversation or gain an immediate sale, POP displays help you do that. If your company or organization is in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, contact us now and we can discuss multiple promotions and brand visibility options.


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POP displays are not meant simply to inform – they are meant to attract new clients and sell your brand and products. A well-executed retail display can help your business thrive. You never know who will be passing by and ready to buy that day!

Custom POP Displays  – Eye-Catching Presentation – Quick Assembly

We print posters, overlays or backlit elements for existing display systems, and carry a variety of portable Point of Purchase components. Check out our catalog of American-made retail display elements that are affordable and easy to assemble. These mobile and portable displays allow you to set up, alter or remove in minutes.


SpeedPro of SF Peninsula offers customized merchandising solutions including:

  • Snap Frame and Magnetic Displays
  • Tension Fabric Structures – “pillow case” or SEG (silicone edge graphics)
  • Slatwall Panels and Stands
  • Table Throws and Runners
  • Lighting, Harnesses, Cables and other Accessories
  • Back lit Graphics – digital “duratrans” film prints
  • Easel Signs
  • Fabric Backdrops and Banners


With our 3.2 meter wide AGFA direct-to-substrate printer and ESKO Kongsberg precision cutting system, we can create unique, shaped retail props of just about any shape and size. Or if you’re looking for a flexible system that can be modified DIY by staff, we offer frame systems with fabric stretch graphics or flexible panels that can be easily swapped to accommodate new campaigns or offerings. And of course the addition of LED and low voltage spot lighting helps bring your merchandise to life.

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