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Real estate and property management professionals utilize signage on a regular basis. After all, real estate is a location-based business, so there are a wide variety of needs for display graphics. From banners and MDO plywood signs to promote commercial space availability to A-frames or yard signs promoting a residential Open House, SpeedPro of SF Peninsula has you covered.

When you work with us, you’ll find more than just generic signage or items you might find online.

You’ll also find knowledgeable, experienced studio personnel who will ask the right questions and suggest the right approach for the job.

How are real estate signs used to market properties or hook up with renters and home shoppers? Here are some of the options available and how they are used to sell properties, attract top-quality tenants and manage commercial and multi-unit residential properties:


Directional signs assist people as they navigate through buildings or locate a place. If your property management firm or real estate agency is located inside of shared office space, directional signs can help clients find your offices with ease. Inside of the properties you’re managing, directional signs can help people find their way to the leasing office, gym and other shared facilities.


Open house signs can be inside of an H-frame or A-frame and are usually portable. You can place a sign outside of a property on the day of an open house to attract visitors, and you can place similar signs at the end of the block or street to help people find their way.


When a house goes on the market, a yard sign is often one of the first indicators that the property is for sale. Yard signs and riders come in a variety of styles and can be hung on a variety of support structures and frames. Riders attach above or below the primary sign to provide additional information about a home, such as the date of an open house, or highlight special features and  amenities of the property.


Banners are highly visible, versatile and ideal to grab the attention of passers-by. Property management companies can use colorful, printed outdoor vinyl banners to promote their properties and highlight available units. Real estate agents hosting open houses can use banners to advertise an open house to anyone who might be passing by.


Whether permanent or temporary, window graphics are a smart way to communicate and market. If you manage a property with large windows, take advantage of the power of window graphics and decals to advertise what’s on offer. Decals, full graphics or simple paper posters are ideal for promoting limited time offers or highlighting key features of a property.


The average person in the U.S. spends about an hour a day in their car. That means the average person is a “captive audience” for about 7 hours a week. Great looking vehicle graphics can be a very effective way for a property management company or real estate agency to connect with people as they’re on the road. A vehicle wrap can cover the entire car so that the information is available from all sides. You can also go for a partial wrap or decal package so that your business’ information is readily visible on the back and sides.


Office signs make your real estate agency or property management company look professional. Exterior signs can range from directional or parking signs, to a “statement” entryway display. Inside, signage can help people find their way to your office space from the lobby. Once they get to the reception area, a final sign can confirm they’ve made their way to the right door.


Signage isn’t only valuable for existing homes. It can be useful for companies that are building new properties and want to show off those properties to potential buyers. Large format construction renderings can give buyers or renters a sneak peek of what the property will look like when finished and entice them to make an offer before all the units are snapped up.


Sometimes, it pays for a property management or real estate company to attend trade shows or conventions to connect with new clients. A trade show can be a good option for finding landlords who are looking for property managers while conventions or expos can be ideal for connecting with buyers or renters in an area. A large trade show display can help your company attract attendees to your booth.


Like banners and outdoor signs, flags are a perfect way to connect with passers-by and convey essential information about a property. Use flags to advertise an open house or to give details on the types of apartments available and when they’ll be available.

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