Reflective Vinyl Lights Up Halloween…And the Rest of the Year, Too

OCTOBER 31, 2018| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



The dark — whether on Halloween night or not, can be scary.  Seeing a flash of reflective material won’t exactly chase away the demons, but it certainly catches our attention.  And if you want someone to take special notice on a car, truck or sign, we’d be happy to show you some of the flashy things that can be done with solid color or printable reflectives.

Reflective vinyl is often thought of in connection with emergency vehicles or safety signs, but can provide a fantastic, eye-catching brand accents on other kinds of vehicles and signs.  We’ve all witnessed how it lights up when hit directly with headlights, and with printable reflective material, you can go way beyond what you may have seen on buses and ambulances. It’s expensive material, but generally it is used sparingly as a highlight.  So you might be surprised at how cost effective it is to light something up!

Traditionally, reflective vinyl was only available in solid colors, but in recent years, many of the leading manufacturers such as 3M, Avery, Orafol and Arlon have offered printable reflective films. At SpeedPro in San Carlos, we’ve done a number of projects where key elements were done with reflective vinyl overlays on an otherwise normally printed vehicle wrap. This adds a special “pop” at night to help the vehicle stand out and get noticed.

Ask any of the experts on our staff about reflective and some of the other options available for vehicle graphics. We’re here to help throughout the year. All treats, no tricks!

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