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Step and Repeat Photo Backdrops Make Everyone Feel Like a Celeb!

APRIL 20, 2019| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

For meetings, trade shows and parties, “Step and Repeat” photo backdrops are a perennial favorite. employees in front of step and repeat bannerPhotos of attendees, sponsors or employees often end up on social media (often with a #hashtag) and spread the word. It’s great tool for drawing people into the moment: because everyone enjoys their instant in front of the camera. Beyond that, the pictures serve as an extension of your event. For sponsors or underwriters whose logos may be featured on the backdrop, it’s a great chance to have your brand mark seen again and again and again.

So what is a Step and Repeat anyway?

Most people recognize that it comes from:

  • the repeated pattern of images that make up a design, with a row of logos or images shifted over each row down on a diagonal composition. The row repeats, steps down, and repeats again.

But many people also like the other definition

  • people step in front, take a picture and move on. Then it repeats as the next person or group steps up.

Latino Community FoundationRegardless, most people are familiar with these backdrops/wall displays with sponsor, company and sport team logos. We may be most familiar with seeing celebrities or famous individuals during red carpet events, media press conferences and other special events. But, Step and Repeats are not only for celebrities any more.

Are you ready for some #PhotoOps?

Step and repeats are often 8’x8′ but can be bigger or smaller. Depending on budget, they can be done in stretch fabric on a cantilever frame, hanging fabric on a simple arch frame or with vinyl banner. A series of wide retractable banner stands can be put together in a pinch. Additionally, we’ve also done semi permanent Step and Repeats on adhesive vinyl installed on a wall.

Think about what sort of badass #A-listers your event attendees will feel like with a red carpet and Step and Repeat from  SpeedPro of SF Peninsula. Give us a call now at 650. 662.5450 and get started on your next exciting event.

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