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The Anti-Open Workspace Movement: Tips to Effectively Create Privacy at Work

JUNE 3, 2020| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

The open concept floor plan seems like a great way to increase collaboration in the office- flexible, open and transparent. However, there is evidence to suggest that the open concept workplace may not be the right solution for the problem.

A Harvard Business School study found that open-plan offices (office space without walls and doors) actually lead to a 70% decrease in face-to-face communication. As you can imagine, a decrease like this has the potential to seriously affect your company’s bottom line. Overall productivity declines when employees are distracted by the constant noise and lack of privacy that comes with the open-concept office space. Thus, companies are rethinking the flow and layout of their offices to better accommodate their employees and boost overall production.


Here are three easy ways to increase privacy in the workplace:

1. Imaged Glass

Frosted window vinyl and other full image window coverings can help minimize visual distraction inside the office. Consider using imaged glass to shield employees and customers from unorganized utility closets or messy production areas.

2. Wall Panels

Create private areas in open spaces using branded panels with custom graphics. Wall panels can be full or partial and come in a variety of materials and finishes.

3. Window Graphics

Effectively mask the view into your office from the outside using window graphics and static clings. Depending on what you’re looking for, window graphics can be translucent to let light pass through or completely opaque, meant to limit direct sunlight and heat. The window covering possibilities are endless with the wide range of materials and finished available.


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