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The Bottom Line on Giant Presentation Checks

AUGUST 17, 2012| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



OK…so SpeedPro didn’t print the over-sized check that a young Tiger Woods received back in 1996.  But in keeping with our golf themed summer blogs this year, it seemed like a better picture than one of us in the studio, pretending to be honored.

You Don’t Have to Be a Celebrity to want a Photo-Op Sized Check

We do in fact print custom presentation checks, which have been used for school fund-raisers, charity benefits, corporate recognition events and trade shows. They can be printed on basic foamcore, or more sturdy Ultraboard or Gatorfoam, and can even be made with a dry-erase laminate for repeat performances.

You can start with a scan of an actual check (without account number or bank routing info) or customize a generic template, and we can certainly help with design assistance if needed. So the art file is easy to create, and the final product is a catching and inexpensive solution for presentations and publicity events to acknowledge donations, awards, gifts or achievements.  And who doesn’t like to feel like a special winner and get their picture taken with a super-size check?

Let us know if we can help you out with a giant check or any other props for photo shoots. We also print step & repeat backdrops and “frames” that make people look like they’re in an Instagram or Facebook post. Just give us a call at (650) 596.3444 or click on the information bar at and we’ll “check” it out.

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