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The Honest Scoop on Two Faced Signs

MARCH 14, 2012| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Two Sided Window Signs Do Double Duty

Do you have a double sided poster you want to display in a window?  If so, SpeedPro of SF Peninsula has solutions – not just one, but several options! Depending on your needs, there are several approaches you may want to take to have a sign that does double duty by displaying both outside and inside on a single piece.


Double sided window sign

If you need to mount an inward and outward facing sign directly to glass, our double sided window cling could be perfect.  Here’s what we do. We print a double sided poster on smooth banner, blockout polypropylene or flexible film, and use a double faced adhesive specially designed for window graphics. It sticks to the window with a removable, changeable adhesive that is like static cling, but a bit stronger.  Easy on, easy off.

For longer term uses, SpeedPro offers hanging hardware that allows you to hang double sided signs and smooth banners from cable and clamp systems for a clean look in retail windows or professional offices.The modern look and modular flexibility of these hanging systems makes them a favorite for retail, museums, university and medical settings.

And we’ve even seen people use a double sided retractable banner stand as a big, dual-faceted window graphic.  Just face one side toward the street, and have the other side fill the space with the same or a different image.  

We’ve got lots of ideas

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