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The New New Normal: How Signs and Graphics Can Help Your Business Reopen

MARCH 15, 2021| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

With the countless challenges we’ve all faced over the last year, it goes without saying that the next few months of reopening will prove pivotal to the future success of your business. Some states have given businesses the green light to re-open at 100% capacity, while other states are moving a bit slower, allowing for limited capacity inside stores and restaurants. Many businesses across the country are weighing their options, deciding how best to move forward in the weeks and months ahead. With the continued uncertainty, it’s no surprise that consumers and business owners alike are feeling the stress of our economy slowly getting back to normal. In times like these, one of the best ways to quell the anxiety we’re all feeling is with clear communication. As business owners, we have to remember that our customers may be more anxious than we realize. Adding signs that clearly communicate your commitment to health and safety can make a big difference to your bottom line. The goal is to make people feel comfortable inside your store, restaurant, or event venue and well placed signage both outside and inside your establishment can make a big difference. Below we offer a few easy ways to inspire customer confidence and communicate what your company is doing to keep everyone safe.

It Starts Outside…

Outdoor banners and a-frame signs strategically placed outside of your storefront can let passersby and potential customers know that you’re open and ready for business. If you’re not open at 100% capacity, you can let people know that as well. Only open for curbside pickup? Clearly mark the designated area and/or parking spaces with metal signs or more a-frames. With so many businesses sadly closing their doors permanently, it’s more important than ever to let your community know you’re open and taking orders.

Window graphics are another great way to welcome your customers back and let them know about special promotions or changes to your business hours. The great thing about window graphics is that they are versatile! Whether you’re looking for something short term to promote a temporary promotion or want a more permanent branding solution for your windows, we have a range of different materials to make it happen.

Lastly, who isn’t attracted to a bright standing banner or colorful flags waving in the wind? Both are great ways to attract more people and let the community know you’re open and ready for business.

…And Continues Inside

Point of purchase displays and small table top signs are great to highlight product specials or other promotions you may be running. Indoor coroplast and ultrabroad signs are also both good options for outlining new safety procedures, letting your customers know that your business is committed to keeping everyone healthy. How about displaying up to date CDC guidelines or posting your disinfecting schedule in an area that customers can clearly see? This is another way to communicate to your employees and customers that you are following all the recommendations meant to keep everyone happy and healthy.

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