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Thinking about a Banner Stand?

AUGUST 20, 2018| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



When it comes to display graphics, few items are as versatile as banner stands.  As one of the most cost effective ways to convey imagery, SpeedPro’s banner stands come in all sizes, shapes, and inevitably, price ranges. Here are three basic guidelines to ensure getting the right banner stand for the job:

1) Retractable or non-retractable?

A retractable banner stand allows the media, or graphic, to be rolled up inside the hardware base, and comes with a collapsing pole and case. It protects the banner for shipping and transportation. Widths range from 24” to 60”, either single or double-sided. Non-retractable stands may fold for storage or shipping, but don’t have the roller mechanism. Some non-retractable stands do double duty for both vertical banners (held by dowels inside pole pockets at top and bottom) and mounted posters.Non-retracting, "X-frame" banner stand and graphics for DFS Beauty School

2) What sort of durability and longevity do you need?

An economy stand may be just fine if you’re not planning on moving it from place to place or changing graphics over several campaigns or events.  However, if your banner stand is going to be a long term road warrior, prepare to invest accordingly. As with most manufactured products, durability and build quality come at a premium. If you only need a display that stays put in a retail or exhibition environment, a simple, non-retractable banner stand will do the trick. These models like our X-stand or L-stand are available under $100 and make excellent stationary display units. There’s even a bamboo X stand that serves as a great structure to support a graphic printed on SpeedPro’s recyclable, super smooth banner material.

3) Will it be for indoor or outdoor use?

Wind can turn your newly acquired banner stand into a sail and blow it away if you don’t have the right hardware. For exterior use, get an outdoor stand with a beefy frame and weighted base to avoid embarrassment, property damage and, um, …lawsuits?

In conclusion, banner stands are a great way to create portable and changeable display imagery.  SpeedPro can help you find the right stand and material to fit your needs and budget — whether for a convention, retail point-of-purchase, meeting or exhibition.

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