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Time to Add Some Advertising Flags?

AUGUST 27, 2019| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Types of Advertising Flags

Ground mounted vertical flags are a great way to promote your business, school, event or organization. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, advertising flags are a snap to assemble and terrific for grabbing attention and conveying your message. When you work with SpeedPro of SF Peninsula on a custom marketing flag, you’ll be sure to get a high-quality product that represents your brand well. We can help you choose the right products with a bit of information here and on the phone at 650.662.5450.

Flags are a great option for a variety of uses, but how do you know which kind is right for you?  Let’s check it out:


The most apparent difference among flags is their shape, including straight, edge, feather and teardrop.


Straight flags feature a traditional shape that has a straight vertical edge on the side furthest from the pole and a straight edge along the bottom. The side attached to the pole curves at the top, along with the pole, until it meets the other edge of the flag. The straight flag style offers substantial area on which to print while still catching the eye.


The edge flag is the simplest of our four flag designs, and it also gives the most room on which to display a message. Edge flags are rectangular and have longer vertical edges and shorter horizontal edges. The style is similar to that of a standing banner display. The flag pole runs along one side of the flag, with a bar across the top to keep the flag in place.


Feather Flags Feature a Sleek Smooth Design That Gives Them a Sophisticated Feel

As the name suggests, the shape of the flag is like that of a feather. Like the straight flag, it is mostly straight along the pole side then curves at the top. The flag is also curved on a similar cut angle along the bottom, although there is no pole there. This flag offers a unique style that will catches attention.


Another eye-catching, curved flag style is the teardrop flag. Shaped like a teardrop and featuring a pole that bends over the top to create a rounded shape, the side furthest from the pole slopes down at an angle. The side attached to the pole is more curved than in the other designs. Due to its shape, this type of flag is tauter than the other shapes, making it a good choice if you do not want your flag to flutter in the wind.


Here’s another option to consider about your flag’s impact— a single-sided or a double-sided graphic? If you opt for a single-sided flag, the graphic will be printed on just one side, but since the nylon material of the flag is somewhat translucent, so you’ll also see the graphic from the other side (but with the text and images mirrored/backward). If you choose a double-sided flag, there are prints on both faces of the flag, with a layer of blockout material to prevent seeing the image on the other side.

This is somewhat a question of budget, of course. The double sided flag is the more costly option. If your design works alright in reverse or you feel that people will be primarily viewing the flag from one side, a one-sided flag will work for you. If people will see it from both sides and you want equal  impact no matter the viewing angle, upgrade to a double-sided flag.


Promotional flags are available in a variety of sizes, from 7 feet tall to more than 15 feet. The flags themselves also vary in size, and some flag poles are adjustable, so you may change the height according to your needs.

Here are some examples of sizes. The exact dimensions will vary depending on shape:

When choosing the size of your flag, you’ll want to consider how much space is available, and ceiling height restrictions (for indoor placement), and how close or far away most people will be seeing the flag. Will it be a get-close experience, or a drive-by?


Assembling and installing a promo flag is simple. To setup your display, just slide the pole pieces together, slip the sewn edge pocket of the flag onto the pole and attach the pole to your base. Depending on inside or outside use, need for transport and ground conditions (pavement vs. grass), there are plenty of choices for the base unit.

  • Cross bases: Cross bases feature two bars arranged in an X shape to give your flag added stability (like a wooden Christmas tree stand)
  • Steel square bases: Steel square bases are heavier, solid, square pieces of steel.
  • Ground stakes: You can drive a spiked ground stake into a lawn or dirt surface and slide the pole into the top of the stake. This option usually comes as a standard included with your flag kit.
  • Auger stakes: Auger stakes have a spiral bit that bores into the ground. Twist it in, and attach your flag pole to the top of the stake.
  • Stackable bases: Stackable bases are, dome-shaped, low bases that can be filled with sand or water. They’re designed to stack on top of each other to add height and weight to the base.
  • Fillable bases: This tire-shaped base can be filled with up to seven gallons of liquid to add weight to your base and hold your flag in place.
  • Water ring fillable bases: Fill a water ring with up to a gallon of water. Place it on one of the other bases to add extra weight and prevent a blow-over.
  • Drive-over bases: For placing a flag next to a vehicle (at a car show or for a food truck), drive-over bases have a spot for your flag pole and two metal arms that extend from one side. Park a vehicle so that one of the tires rests on the metal arms to hold the base in place.

The right base for depends on where you’re showing flag and what resources are available. If you can stick your flag directly into the ground, the ground stake or auger stake will work perfectly. If not, the team at SpeedPro of SF Peninsula will be happy to guide you to the right choice.


Advertising flags are excellent promotional tools for a variety of situations, including outdoors at events, indoors at trade shows or expos and even for open houses and gala events. For street retail, line the sidewalk leading up to your business with flags to attract attention. You might also place flags outside at a stadium and put an advertisement for an upcoming event on each one as a fun way to promote future concerts and other events.

Flags are useful in all of these scenarios because of their advantages. Here are some pluses for marketing flags:

  • Eye-catching: Flags are great at getting people’s attention. They stand out more than certain other common types of advertisements, such as billboards. Additionally, when you use them for outdoor advertising, they may move in the wind. When people see movement in their peripheral vision, it gets their attention, meaning more of them will see your message.
  • Versatile: Advertising flags are extraordinarily versatile. They’re durable enough to use outside, but you can use them indoors as well. They’re easy to assemble and portable, so you can simply move them around whenever you need to.
  • Brand awareness building: Flags are excellent tools for building brand awareness. Even something as simple as placing your logo on a flag can help people get to know your brand better and keep it top-of-mind. You can also put things such as your company slogan, values, colors and more on flags.
  • Customizable: As you can see from all of the options discussed in this blog, there are many types of vertical promo flags. Choose the shape, heights, graphic style and bases for your flag and if needed, you can replace just the flag with a new print and keep the pole and base.


There are many options when it comes to advertising flags. The right one for you comes down to how and where you will use it and what works with your design and brand. The experts at SpeedPro in San Carlos can help you find the perfect flag. Click here to contact us or give us a call at (650) 662-5450.

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